Nigel’s fulfilling experience as a youth mentor

Nigel is among hundreds of volunteers who have been honoured for their service

Nigel volunteers as a youth mentor

A mentor who says he gets a real buzz from supporting young people is encouraging others to consider getting involved.

Nigel, from Charnwood, is among hundreds of volunteers who was acknowledged by Leicestershire County Council at a thank you event hosted by council chairman Dr Kevin Feltham on Wednesday 8 May at County Hall in Glenfield.

Nigel, who has been volunteering as a youth mentor since 2010, believes the work he does is pivotal to help support young people.

Nigel said: “It is extremely important for young people to have positive role models. The young people that we spend time with are sometimes lacking in self-confidence.

“They often have difficulties at school and making friends and can feel quite lost.”

Through an interest in motorbikes, Nigel has helped support many young people and added: “I get matched with young people because I have an interest in motorcycles.

“A lot of young people have an interest in motorcycles, and I belong to a large club. We build bikes and fix them, and the young people find that very interesting.”

The council has hundreds of volunteers across its departments. In the children and families sector, which Nigel supports, around 180 volunteers have contributed 7,000 hours over the year.

Despite the challenges the volunteering role may bring, Nigel sees the positive effect it’s having on young people.

“It’s very satisfying to be able to make a difference to someone's life. To see them come out much more positive and have a future is really rewarding,” he said.

We value and appreciate all the volunteers that help us continue our work and provide services for our residents.

The work they do is valuable and doesn’t go unnoticed, and we are encouraging more people to volunteer if they are able to.

The county council invited more than 170 volunteers to the event, which was also attended by Councillor Pam Posnett, cabinet member for communities.

There are many roles and opportunities for people to volunteer with Leicestershire County Council. Visit our volunteering website to find out more.

To find out more about Nigel’s story or about being a youth mentor, watch the YouTube video about mentoring with the Family Help Service.

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