Passport to ensure carers receive right support

Identity card helps to overcome any obstacles

A consultation has been launched on the carers strategy

The county council and community-based, Leicestershire Support for Carers, are both urging unpaid carers to apply for a Carers' Passport identity card.

The identity card was developed as a response to the difficulties and challenges which carers face, often daily,  and to offer them vital recognition. 

The  scheme helps to ensure carers receive the right advice and support as well as being recognised for the valuable role they play within their communities.

It's so important that all carers understand their rights. Having a passport means they can access the support available to them as soon as they need it. This could be you or someone you know who may have only recently become a carer, or someone who has been taking on caring responsibilities for many years without support.

To apply for a Carers Passport, or for more information, visit, call 01858 468543 or email 

Here's some of the feedback from some of the carers already using their passports:

"When my carers passport first arrived, I thought ‘What’s this going to do for me?’  It's turned out to be an absolute godsend. I'm grateful for it as it’s been so helpful in hospital settings."

“I met another lady wearing her carers passport the other day, and we instantly had something in common considering we’d never met before. We chatted for some time because we were in the same boat. We exchanged our phone numbers and have arranged to go out together for a coffee.”

Mrs Radford added: “I want to encourage every unpaid carer in Leicestershire to come forward and register for their carers passport through our Support for Carers service. It’s a quick and easy way to get your caring role recognised by other organisations."

The Leicestershire Support for Carers service is free and offers invaluable advice, information, and peer support to unpaid carers across the county, including a telephone advice line and access to a range of carers support groups.

The service is provided by Voluntary Action South Leicestershire (VASL) through funding from the county council.

The service works to promote early intervention and prevention solutions for carers, so that they feel recognised, valued, and supported. By helping carers maintain their independence and increase their confidence, they can be supported in their caring role. 

 Further information for carers is also available at 

You can also visit the Support for Carers website for details of latest offers available to carers' passport holders.

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