Stay well this winter

Important messages for vulnerable people

Image of older lady getting help in her home

Councils and NHS bodies are joining forces as part of the NHS Stay Well campaign to make sure people understand how they can stay well this winter.

We are working together to ensure people get prompt health advice this winter, so that people can avoid going to hospital unless they really need to.

In many cases, the 111 number, local pharmacists and other services can help people and there are plenty of tips for people to help themselves.


We can help protect ourselves and others this winter by getting our flu and covid vaccinations. 

Mental wellbeing 

We know the pandemic and the rise in cost of living, has made it a challenging time for many people. Financial worries can become a burden and it is important to reach out for support if you need it.  

If you are struggling with your mental health, or you know someone else who needs support, there is help available. No one should face these thoughts and feelings alone.  

For access to our mental health services visit:   

Get help on the Start a conversation website

Get support with mental health and wellbeing

Keep warm and well

Our 'Keep warm and well this winter' booklet has lots of information about keeping yourself warm and well, at home and out and about, as well as protecting your home and vehicle this winter.

You can also download our winter contact list template for you to fill in and keep your emergency contacts handy.


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