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Supporting carers in the workplace

Scheme to support people juggling work with caring role

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The county council is encouraging Leicestershire businesses to follow its lead by joining a free scheme which offers advice and information to support carers in the workplace. 

 The Employers for Carers (EfC) scheme provides a range of online resources which can support people who are juggling paid work with unpaid caring responsibilities. 


We think that, by better supporting carers, employers could avoid the unexpected costs and loss of talent when people have to give up work due to their caring role. We know there are around 110,000 carers living in the county and forward-looking companies using a flexible working approach can achieve impressive results in attracting and retaining staff, increasing resilience and reducing sick leave.


Now the county council is offering the opportunity to partners and small to medium-sized businesses to join its umbrella membership of the EfC scheme. 

 Membership provides a full range of online practical resources including policies, good practice, case studies and information on key workplace issues. 

 If you are interested in joining our umbrella membership to access the full range of support, contact Carers Officer Nicki Jarvis on 0116 305 9382 or by e-mailing

 To find out more about the scheme, visit

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