Includes house paint, emulsion, gloss, ceiling and wall paint, wood paint, varnishes anti-mould and fungus paints 

Liquid paint must not be placed in your general waste or recycling bins.

Reduce what you use:

  • Only purchase the amount you need to avoid excess wastage
  • Handle and store paints appropriately to maximise their useful life
  • Prevent unnecessary wastage and spillages by making sure lids are replaced securely

Can be reused:

Donate to local organisations such as scout groups, etc.

Disposal of liquid paint:

Please note that a small amount of dried out paint can go in the general waste bin at any recycling and household waste site. It’s recommended to use cat litter or paper scraps to help dry it out. You can also use your general bin at home if the container has no liquid paint and is 5 litres in size or smaller. Please do not place paint containers in your recycling bin.

Manufacturers and decorator centres hold periodic amnesty days for paint collection, please check on the individual websites for details.