Apply for a waste permit

All vans, pick-ups and cars with trailers, and/or any vehicle bringing asbestos, chemicals or liquid paint, require a waste permit to visit a recycling and household waste site.

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Waste site updates

Sites are extremely busy at present and are running low on capacity for many waste streams - please bear with us, staff are working hard to improve the situation, but ongoing demand remains high.

Always check the web page for your intended waste site before you visit. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before closing.

Bank holidays and weekends: Before setting off, check our website for opening hours, check our Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates. Please note:

  • Weekends, especially during bank holidays, are usually busy. Sometimes we're unable to accept certain materials and, in extreme cases, may have to close sites until there is sufficient capacity to run them safely.
  • We plan for busy periods, but urge you to think about when to visit your waste site, to avoid delays.
  • When visiting one of our sites please remember to wear appropriate sturdy footwear and gloves.

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Check if you need a waste permit

Appointments are no longer required to visit a waste site, but you'll need a permit if you're using a:

  • Van, pick-up truck or any vehicle designed or altered to carry goods, including 4x4s, car derived vans and tippers*

  • Trailer 1.37 metres long (4ft 6 in) or over (from front board to back board)*

These vehicles are only permitted at the Whetstone site:

  • Having a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) or permissible maximum weight greater than 3.5 tonnes
  • With a trailer length greater than 3 metres (9ft 8in)


You're getting rid of:


Temporary asbestos waste permit

You can dispose of cement bonded asbestos, that has been removed by the householder, at 3 of our recycling and household waste sites.

There is a charge to dispose of this type of waste: £10 per sheet (2400mm x 1200mm / 8ft x 4ft approx.) or 3 metre length of guttering / pipe, or £10 per tub* or part tub over the free allowance.

* Reference tub on site. Payment is taken by card only, no cash. See full details: waste disposal charges

Recycling and Household waste sites that accept cement bonded asbestos:

You can dispose of:

  • Up to 30 cement bonded sheets or bags (or a combination of both)
  • Up to 10 lengths of guttering, down pipes or flues
  • 1 water tank

No other types of asbestos can be accepted at the sites - we cannot accept blue, brown or non-cement bonded asbestos.

Handling cement bonded asbestos:

  • All cement bonded asbestos sheets (and broken pieces) should be double wrapped in clear plastic or in red 'hazard' plastic before being brought to site.
    HSE Disposal of asbestos waste    Opens new window
  • Do not intentionally break or cut the cement bonded asbestos to fit small bags, but double wrap it in plastic sheeting.
  • Damp down with water to prevent the release of cement fibres.

Apply for a permit


Household chemical disposal permit

To dispose of small amounts of household chemicals such as oven cleaner or other household chemicals you’ll need a chemical waste permit.

Key facts about temporary chemical waste permits:

  • Permits are free of charge
  • Valid for 14 days
  • Permits are registered to one person and one vehicle – they are non-transferable
  • Your permit will be emailed to you upon approval

When you receive a permit you can take chemicals to Tradebe (formerly Labwaste) in Hinckley and show your permit to them.

Accepted household chemicals:

  • Acids
  • Garden chemicals (including creosote and weed killer)
  • General household chemicals
  • Mercury
  • Oven cleaner
  • Paraffin

Chemicals not accepted:

  • Antifreeze
  • Petrol and diesel
  • Liquid paint - household liquid paint can be taken to the Whetstone site on a Liquid Paint type of waste permit

Apply for a permit

Liquid paint

Household liquid paint disposal

Key facts about a household liquid paint disposal:

Dried out emulsion can go in the general waste bin at any recycling and household waste site.

Apply for a liquid paint waste permit

Apply for a household waste permit online

  • Permits are available to Leicestershire county residents only. The online application will not proceed if you live in the city or neighbouring counties.
  • There is one online application process, just select the type of permit you need.
  • Permits are free of charge.
  • Permits are valid for one recycling and household waste site.
  • Permits are valid for 14 days from the start date you choose, during which you can visit the site at any time within opening hours.
  • Permits are emailed to you the day before the start date.
  • Permits are registered to one person and one vehicle – they are non-transferable.
  • Household chemical waste permit applications require approval and are not processed during weekends, so please allow sufficient time for the permit to be processed.
  • You must have the permit before attending the waste site.

Online application process for waste permits

Apply for a waste permit using a 'Self' account - if you already have one, click the green button below to start your application.

If you don't have a Self account yet, just Sign up using your email address:

  • You will receive a verification email (check spam/junk folders) - just click the link in the email to verify your account. Add your name and address in the profile form and click Submit.

You can complete online applications at any time by following the link below and logging in. See a list of your application(s) in the My Requests area.

Apply online for a waste permit Log in with your Self account details

Booking online is quicker and easier, but if you don’t have an email address and require a waste permit, please contact our customer services team. Call waiting times might be considerable as we regularly deal with high numbers of calls during this time.

Changes to vehicle ownership or address

Household waste permits are short term and don't need updating.

Renewing a waste permit

You apply for a new permit as and when you need one, you cannot renew a permit.

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