Waste disposal charges and terms

There is a charge to dispose of some types of non-household waste at all Recycling and Household Waste Sites in Leicestershire

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Waste site updates

Please note: from Sunday 1 October all of our sites will revert to winter opening times 9am to 4pm (on the days they're usually open). Please arrive at least 10 minutes before closing time.

Always check the web page for your intended waste site before you visit

  • Cooking oil: currently can't be accepted at Whetstone site
  • Scrap metal: currently can't be accepted at Somerby site

Weekends: Before setting off, check our website for opening hours, check our Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates. Please note:

  • Weekends are usually quite busy. Sometimes we're unable to accept certain materials and, in extreme cases, may have to close sites until there is sufficient capacity to run them safely.
  • We plan for busy periods, but urge you to think about when to visit your waste site, to avoid delays.

Depending on what you’re disposing of, you will need to pay either £3 per unit or £3 per tub (or part tub). A tub is roughly the size of a large bucket.We'll look at what you're bringing and make an assessment of the total cost on site. A different charge applies to cement bonded asbestos.

You’ll be asked to pay by card when you arrive at the Recycling and Household Waste Site, before disposing of your waste. The charges will apply to all visitors.

You can only pay using a credit or debit card. Cash will not be accepted.

*(There is a reference bucket on each site for you to determine the size of a tub).

Examples of chargeable items


For example:

  • Whole paving slabs
  • Concrete posts and lintels

Charge: £3 per slab, post or lintel.

Charges don’t apply for:

  • Domestic garden ornaments


For example:

  • Bricks (broken or whole)
  • Blocks (broken or whole)
  • Broken paving slabs
  • Sand, gravel and pebbles
  • Soil and clay from excavations
  • Turf
  • Cement mortar and rendering
  • Tarmac
  • Chimney pots

Charge: £3 per tub (or part tub).

Ceramics (including plastic and fibreglass bathroom suite items) and tiles

For example:

  • Bath (ceramic, plastic or fibreglass) 
  • Shower tray (ceramic, plastic or fibreglass) 
  • Bidet
  • Wash hand basin / pedestal
  • Toilet
  • Toilet cistern
  • Sink
  • Toilet including cistern
  • Ceramic wall / floor tiles
  • Slates / roof tiles
  • Earthenware drains and sewer pipes

Charge: £3 each or £3 per tub (or part tub).

Charges don’t apply for:

  • Metal baths and sinks
  • Baby baths
  • Crockery
  • Carpet or lino tiles
  • Terracotta/earthenware plant pots


For example:

  • Large sheet of window glass (including from doors)
  • Double glazed window unit (excluding frame)
  • Greenhouse glass
  • Broken window glass (including from doors)
  • Glass shower screens
  • Glass shower cubicles

Glass must be removed from any window units before you bring it to the Recycling and Household Waste Site.

Charge: £3 each or £3 per tub (or part tub).

Charges don’t apply for:

  • Mirrors
  • Picture frame glass
  • Pyrex kitchenware
  • Domestic fish tanks

Plasterboard and gypsum products

For example:

  • Gypsum based products
  • Coving
  • Plaster board sheets (whole or broken)
  • Ceiling roses
  • Unused / part bags of plaster

Charge: £3 per sheet (1800mm x 900mm / 6ft x 3ft approx.) or £3 per tub (or part tub).

Plasterboard must be separated from other waste, such as hardcore, before you bring it to the Recycling and Household Waste Site.

Charges don’t apply for:

  • Similar items made from polystyrene

Cement bonded asbestos

This waste is only accepted at CoalvilleMountsorrel and Whetstone and you will need an asbestos waste permit.

Charges will apply at the Recycling and Household Waste Site depending on how much you wish to dispose of.

For example:

  • Cement bonded asbestos sheets
  • Guttering, down pipes etc.
  • Cement bonded asbestos flues and tanks

We cannot accept blue, brown or non-cement bonded asbestos.

Charge: £10 per sheet (2400mm x 1200mm / 8ft x 4ft approx.) or 3 metre length of guttering / pipe, or £10 per tub* (or part tub).

*(There is a reference bucket at each site for you to determine the size of a tub).

Do not intentionally break or cut the cement bonded asbestos

All cement bonded asbestos must be double wrapped in clear polythene or bagged in clear polythene