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Waste site terms and conditions and site rules

It is important that you read this information and familiarise yourself with our conditions of use and site rules.

Recycling and household waste site conditions of access and use


  1. For the safe use of the site all users must comply with all instructions or directions of the authorised site management and/or LCC staff.
  2. All site safety notices and site rules should be complied with. If in any doubt users should stop the activity and seek direction from a member of the site staff. Failure to comply with this and any other condition or requirement may result in users being required to leave the site and refused further access.
  3. LCC is not liable for any liabilities howsoever arising as a result of access and use of the site and/or the operation of this site, provided that LCC only excludes or limits its liability to the extent permitted by law and in particular does not exclude or limit its liability for death or personal injury or damage to property belonging to site users caused by the negligence of LCC, its employees and agents.
  4. The site is ONLY for the depositing of household waste and certain non household waste subject to the payment of applicable charges.
    Where charges are applicable, LCC reserve the right to alter the charge rates and chargeable waste types at any time without any prior notice.
  5. Persons entering the site agree to give site staff unrestricted access to view and/or inspect the waste intended to be deposited for the purpose of ascertaining whether the waste is household waste or non-household waste, and assess the charge to pay. The decision of the site staff shall be final. If a site user disagrees with the site staff’s assessment of whether waste is household or non-household, or the volume of non-household waste and/or charges applicable, then LCC reserves the right to require the site user to leave the site without depositing waste.
  6. Vehicles constructed, intended or adapted for the carriage of goods and any trailer exceeding 4ft 6in (1.37m) in length are not permitted to enter the site for the purpose of depositing waste unless the owner of the vehicle or trailer is in possession of a valid permit issued by Leicestershire County Council.
    Applications for permits can be made by visiting the LCC website or calling the LCC Customer Service Centre 0116 305 0001.
  7. All Permits must be available for inspection on request prior to admission to the site or depositing waste.
  8. Permits remain the property of Leicestershire County Council and must be surrendered to Site Staff or a Leicestershire County Council employee on demand.
  9. Any complaints regarding this site or its operation should be made by visiting the LCC website or calling the LCC Customer Service Centre 0116 305 0001.


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Waste Site Rules

  1. Site users must follow the instructions of the site operators at all times.
  2. Household waste is accepted only during the advertised times on the advertised open days.
  3. Trade waste is not accepted at this Site at any time.Depositing or attempting to deposit such wasteis an offence.
  4. All waste shall be deposited in the areas or containers designated for that particular type of waste or as directed by site staff. If in doubt, site users should seek the advice of site staff. Depositing waste otherwise than as described aboveis an offence.
  5. You are advised that suitable footwear should be worn whilst using the site.
  6. Site users must keep children and pets in cars at all times and be alert and aware of other vehicles and pedestrians on the site.
  7. Site staff are happy to assist Leicestershire residents to recycle their waste.
  8. Site staff are not permitted to remove heavy or excessive waste from vehicles or trailers.
  9. Physical or verbal abuse of site staff will not be tolerated. Appropriate action will be taken against offenders.

Site users are advised to ensure that the removal of waste from a vehicle or trailer is within the capability of the vehicle’s own occupants before visiting the site.


Recycling and Household Waste Site Rules    Opens new window

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