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Long-term waste permits

A long-term waste permit is valid for 2 years including up-to 12 visits to the recycling and household waste site

You'll need a permit if you're using a:

  • Van, pick-up truck or any vehicle designed or altered to transport goods
  • Trailer 4 foot 6 inches (1.37 metres) long or over (from front board to back board)

Key facts about long-term permits:

  • Free of charge
  • Valid for up to 12 visits within 2 years
  • Sent out in the first class post
  • Cannot be renewed - you must apply for a new one
  • Only one permit is issued per household to a nominated vehicle
  • Permits cannot be transferred between vehicles in households with more than one vehicle
  • Permits are not transferable between sites - if you need to use an alternative site, you'll need to apply for a temporary permit

Apply for a long-term waste permit

You can apply for a long-term permit online

Changes to vehicle ownership or address

You'll need to tell us if:

  • the vehicle is sold
  • your address changes

You can use our online form to update details on a waste permit

You must return the permit with your old details on. Your new permit will be sent out in the first class post.

If you need to visit the recycling and household waste site while you are waiting for your new permit you can apply for a temporary one.

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