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Register a death

All deaths must be registered within 5 days

What to bring

To register a death the registrar will need the following information about the deceased:

  • forename(s), surname and maiden surname if applicable
  • dates and places of both birth and death
  • occupation or last occupation if retired
  • home address
  • whether the deceased was receiving a pension or allowance from public funds

If the deceased was married or in a civil partnership:

  • the name and occupation of spouse or civil partner
  • the date of birth of the surviving widow, widower or civil partner

If you have the deceased’s birth or marriage certificates these can be helpful.

The deceased’s medical card should also be given to the registrar, if available.

The medical certificate issued from the doctor in its sealed envelope.


At the registration you will receive the following certificates:

  • Certificate for burial or cremation - this will be needed by the funeral director
  • Certificate for applicable Social Security benefits – to send to the Department of Social Security

Death certificate – once a death is registered, certificates can be bought at a cost of £11, payable by cash or card.

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