Challenge a parking fine

Informal Challenge

This is the 1st stage of the challenge process.

You should:

  • make an informal challenge within 28 days of receiving the PCN
  • state your case clearly and simply
  • provide any evidence to support your case - ie receipts or witness statements (we recommend sending copies and not the originals)

You can submit an informal challenge online. You will need the PCN number and your vehicle registration.  

Submit an informal challenge

You will receive a reply in the post either accepting or rejecting your challenge. We aim to respond to you within 2 to 3 weeks, although this may take longer at certain times of the year.

If your challenge is accepted the PCN will be cancelled and you pay nothing.

If your challenge is rejected you can either pay the PCN or continue to the next stage of the challenge process.

If you choose to pay the PCN you will still have the option to pay at the discounted rate providing the challenge was received within 14 days of the Penalty Charge Notice issue date.