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The Lord-Lieutenant

The Lord-Lieutenant is the Queen’s representative in the county. The Lord-Lieutenant is Michael Kapur OBE.

The Lord-Lieutenant is the Queen’s representative in the county. The Lord-Lieutenant is Michael Kapur OBE. Deputy Lieutenants and a Vice Lord-Lieutenant are also appointed to assist.

The Lord-Lieutenant is non-political. He promotes working together across voluntary services, business and cultural life.

The main duties are to:

  • Arrange visits of Members of the Royal Family and escort Royal visitors
  • Present medals and awards on behalf of Her Majesty
  • Participate in civic, voluntary and social activity
  • Liaise with local units of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army, Royal Air Force and their associated Cadet Forces

About the Lord-Lieutenant

Mike Kapur is a leading Leicestershire businessman who takes a keen and active role in developing and promoting the City and County he made his home 28 years ago. He has 20 successful years of Board Room experience in both private and public sector organisations recognised in his appointment in 2013 to one of the Confederation of British Industry’s (CBI) most important National roles as Head of its Enterprise Forum.

Mike started his career in 1985 at KPMG as the senior manager responsible for audit and business advisory services to Owner Managed Businesses. In May 1993, he was “East Midlands Young Project Manager of the Year”. He then became the Director of Entrepreneurial Service at Ernst & Young, and in July 1997, he was seconded to Ernst & Young International in Cleveland (USA). Two years later, he moved to Parker Plant Limited, as Group Finance Director, where he devised and implemented innovative performance measures, generating cost reductions, increase in capacity and a strong positive cash flow. In 2002 Mike founded Signum Corporate Communications Ltd where he retains responsibility for ensuring that all aspects of company strategy are implemented and performance managed.

In 1995 he was appointed a non-executive director at Leicester Royal Infirmary and following its merger in 2000 with two other large hospitals he was retained as Deputy Chairman of University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, then the third largest trust in the UK.

Mike is Chairman of the National Space Centre where he has instilled a strong sense of world class standards and a focus on the long term. This has resulted in record year on year growth in visitor numbers, income, surpluses, re-investment and job growth.

His qualities as a businessman and business leader were recognised by the CBI resulting in his elevation to Chair of its Enterprise Forum in 2013. A position from which he leads the CBI’s policy work in respect of SME’s and acts as the National figurehead for SME members and their issues including interfacing with Government and the European Commission their behalf.

In 2014 Mike was named Non-Executive Director of the Year at the Leicestershire Business Awards.

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The High Sheriff of Leicestershire

The office of High Sheriff of Leicestershire is also a royal appointment, with a particular link to the judiciary, law and order, but is separate from and should not be confused with the Lord-Lieutenant. To find out more, or to contact the High Sheriff, visit

Guidance for event organisers

Because no two events are the same, there’s no standard procedure to follow when inviting the Lord-Lieutenant to events. You should always seek further advice from the Lieutenancy Office.

The Lord-Lieutenant attends many social occasions in support of the local community, civic, business and cultural life of the county and city.

If you would like to invite the Lord-Lieutenant to an event, please send a formal invitation, including all of the event details to

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Description of Lord-Lieutenant

Always check in advance – especially if you are ordering print or engraving something.

'Michael Kapur OBE' should not be abbreviated.

But the title can vary. In full it is: Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Leicestershire.

This can be shortened to Lord-Lieutenant of Leicestershire.


Normally the Lord-Lieutenant will not be driven to events and event organisers should send details of where to park as close as possible to the venue. Refreshments should also be made available to the driver.

Please state clearly the entrance at which the Lord-Lieutenant should arrive.

The Lord-Lieutenant is usually received on arrival by the host, or a senior representative of the host.

It is appropriate to say: 'My Lord-Lieutenant welcome to ……………….'. Subsequently the Lord-Lieutenant may be addressed as Sir or Mr Kapur.

If the arrival is to a formal gathering, particularly if there is to be a procession - the Lord-Lieutenant takes precedence (as a direct representative of the Crown) and so would usually be the last to enter, subject to a few exceptions.

If the audience or congregation is seated, it is customary to stand until the Lord-Lieutenant takes his seat. At the end the Lord-Lieutenant would be the first to exit.

The event

If there’s going to be a speech it should start with 'My Lord-Lieutenant'.

Often the host will accompany the Lord-Lieutenant throughout a visit, perhaps handing over to individuals with a special role. At the end the host should escort the Lord-Lieutenant before final farewells.

The Lord-Lieutenant should never be left unattended.

On formal occasions you should consider the order of seating. The Lord-Lieutenant has precedence, subject to a few exceptions. For further advice please contact the Lieutenancy Office.

Recent events attended

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100th birthday messages and diamond anniversaries

The Lord-Lieutenant welcomes the opportunity to mark these special occasions. Mr Kapur will forward specially prepared cards to residents of Leicester and Leicestershire upon request. To submit a request please email the Lieutenancy Office.

You can also request a message of congratulations from The Queen. To find out more visit the Royal website.

Who is the Vice Lord-Lieutenant?

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