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Using Letterbox to keep in touch

Letterbox is a formal agreement between the birth family and adoptive family, to exchange information about the child. It is managed through a central point, usually the adoption service.

red letterbox

You should have signed a Letterbox agreement with the child care social worker to use this service. The agreement will tell you when to write, how often, and where the letter should be sent.

If this hasn’t been set up, or you need support, then please email

Get help with writing my letter

You can call the Letterbox coordinator on 0116 3053051 for advice and guidance on how to write your letter.

Birth parents can also access monthly support groups in Leicester city centre.

For further information email 

What can I include in my letter

You can include items that may be in your agreement such as a letter, birthday and Christmas cards and photos of you and your family.

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