Fostering Teenagers

We're appealing for more foster carers to support Leicestershire's teenagers in care.

Two young girls and foster carer baking in kitchen

We urgently need more caring and understanding people to open their hearts and homes and become foster carers for teenagers.

Could you offer guidance, support and reassurance to a young person who really needs you in a safe and supportive family environment?

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Why teenagers? Why not!


For me personally, I think teenagers are easier. They get a bad rap unnecessarily, certainly children in care, but actually they're just scared half the time.

It's nice to be able to take a teenager who didn't have basic skills and show them how to do something that is going to make a big difference. It's their last chance to form skills and morals before they go into adulthood.

Don't devalue your skills. There's lots of skills that are valuable in fostering - you don't need loads of qualifications or certificates, just showing them life skills and giving them options but also being fairly firm with boundaries can change their life.


It's the little things that make a big difference...

Growing up can feel difficult at the best of times but our teenagers in care desperately need stability and someone they can rely on, having likely experienced neither in the past.

They have often missed out on many childhood experiences, meaning that for many teenagers who are fostered, it's the first time they've had someone help them with their homework, take them to the beach in the summer holidays, or even teach them basic life skills.

Some of our young people have worked on an animated film, sharing experiences of little things foster carers have done during their time in care that have made the biggest impact on their lives, showing that you don't need to be an expert to be a great foster carer.

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What is it like fostering teenagers?

Tracey is one of our foster carers approved to take care of teenagers. She has fostered around 20 children and young people, including a teenage boy who she now fosters permanently, to give him security and stability with a loving family in the longer term.


Some teenagers can sometimes be more wary of help, used to having to take care of themselves, and can see themselves as 'different'.

Once they open up and understand that they can feel safe and welcome, they show their real personalities and goals for the future. Seeing the real effort made by these teenagers to meet these goals really gives us a great sense of achievement.

We had heard stories about how troubled teenagers can be a handful but we can honestly say that we have not experienced anything like that.

Everyone we have dealt with has given us the same respect that we have given them. I think teenagers just want to feel loved and part of a family, as every child does. They need a bit of consistency in their lives, and to know that there are people who will go to bat for them no matter their past.

Watching a child come out of their shell and interact more and more with the family is wonderful. Having school teachers, social workers and independent assessors all comment on the difference in how they act with others proves it is worthwhile. Knowing you have played a small part in making that happen is very rewarding.


Different ways to foster

There are different ways you can foster teenagers, from mainstream fostering to being a Supported Lodgings Host for young people aged 16+. Specialist Foster Carer roles are also available, for people from professional backgrounds with experience working with young people.

We can help you decide the right fostering path for you but however you foster, the most important thing is providing a loving and nurturing family environment for teenagers and giving them the best foundations for their journey into adulthood and independence.

Thinking about fostering teenagers?

If you think you could foster a young person, why not get in touch? Tell us about yourself and what you can offer and we'll help you find the best type of fostering to suit you.

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