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Apply for a primary or secondary school place or a school place during term time in Leicestershire.

For first-time admissions to infant and primary school, September 2022:

  • 7,410 on-time applications
  • 92.9% secured their first choice
  • 97.9% secured one of their top 3 choices

For Year-7 secondary school entry 2022 we received:

  • 7,918 on-time applications
  • 84.7% secured their first choice
  • 92.8% secured one of their top 3 choices

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School admissions update

The School Admissions Office Team will be available to parents Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am - 4pm. The team will be offline to parents on Tuesdays and Thursdays to focus on applications received.

Parents and carers are reminded that the School Admissions Service is extremely busy and contacting the service at peak times may be difficult. We are sorry for any delays you may have experienced - we are working with schools to establish availability of spaces and are processing applications as quickly as possible.

Current open applications

  • First Time Admissions (FTA): The application window for children seeking to start school for the first time from autumn 2023 is now open until national closing date 15 January. National offer date for FTA entry 2023 is 16 April (or next working day).

Parents and carers: to maximise your opportunities it is strongly advised to apply for three schools including the catchment school. If you’re not sure if a school is your catchment school, check this with them directly. Most have the information on their website.

Applying for only one school will not increase your likelihood of being allocated a place there. Selecting three choices gives you the best opportunity of securing a place at a preferred school. If we cannot offer your child a place at a school on your list, you may be offered a place at your nearest school which still has available places. This may not be local if you’ve not included your catchment school, as priority will be given to those who listed it as a preference.

If you have already applied for a first time primary school place and wish to add more schools before the January 15 deadline, please use our FTA Amendments form.

  • Infant to Junior transfers: The application window to transfer from Infant to Junior school is now open. Parents and carers will receive a letter inviting them to apply to transfer for entry 2023. Always apply for the linked Junior school to maximise likelihood of success. The closing date for infant to junior transfer is 15 January, the national offer date is 16 April (or next working day). Applications for a year-three place in a primary school will not be processed until late summer term, for entry 2023, as it will be considered a mid-term transfer.
Information you need to know to apply for a school place including a printable list of the schools in your area.

Policies and useful information that you should read before you apply for a school place.

Apply to move school during term time.

How to appeal if you're child has been refused a school place or you’re unhappy with the school they’ve been offered. Check school waiting lists online.

Apply for a secondary school place in Leicestershire.

Apply for a primary school place in Leicestershire.


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The deadline is fast approaching for parents and carers to apply for their child's first primary school place

Applications for autumn 2023 intake need to be made by Sunday, January 15

Parents and carers across Leicestershire are being encouraged to complete applications for their child’s secondary school place for entry in Autumn 2023.