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Amber weather warning

The Met Office has issued an amber weather warning for the East Midlands from Thursday to Monday.

Find out about staying safe in the hot weather.

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Apply for a primary or secondary school place or a school place during term time in Leicestershire.

For first-time admissions to infant and primary school, September 2022:

  • 7,410 on-time applications
  • 92.9% secured their first choice
  • 97.9% secured one of their top 3 choices

For Year-7 secondary school entry 2022 we received:

  • 7,918 on-time applications
  • 84.7% secured their first choice
  • 92.8% secured one of their top 3 choices
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School admissions update

Admissions portal application for parents will be closing on 8 July 2022 for all mid-term applications.

As the school admissions service migrates to a new software system, it's necessary to close the online parent portal for all applications (from 8 July 2022), to allow for current (open) applications to be processed.

The portal will re-open on 23 August 2022 when parents can apply to move school.

For refugee children and children who have moved to Leicestershire and are currently without a school place a paper form can be obtained by calling the Customer Service Centre on 0116 305 6684.

Current open applications

The admissions process for first-time entry to reception from Autumn 2023 will open from 1 September 2022. This is due to an essential software upgrade to improve the application process. The closing date for these applications is 15 January 2023.

Change to admissions service opening times

The admissions service is now closed on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday afternoons. This is in preparation for the move to our new software system in August, after which we expect normal opening hours to resume. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.


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