School place for a child with special educational needs

Find out about schools places for children with special educational needs.


All Leicestershire children of school age are expected to apply for a school place through the Leicestershire school admissions service, except children with an existing Education, Health and Care Plan, who will be supported by their SEN case manager.

Your local school

If you're starting to think about choosing a school, the first thing you should explore is the facilities and support provided by mainstream schools in your area.

All schools in Leicestershire provide high standards of learning and teaching, combined with a commitment to include all young people and understand their individual needs.

To explore the schools in your area visit find a school.

  • Every mainstream school must name a specific person as their SENCo (special educational needs coordinator)
  • This person must have an additional qualification within 3 years of starting as SENCo
  • Each school must also have a report which explains how they meet the needs of pupils in their school. There is a link to these reports on the on the individual school pages, accessed via find a school.

Mainstream schools with outreach

For some pupils who need extra help, they can be supported through specialists who visit from a local special school. This is a flexible way of providing support to young people and teachers, whilst being included in a mainstream school and staying with friends.

Mainstream schools with a resource base

Some of our schools have a specialist base on site, meaning that pupils can access dedicated sensory environments or therapeutic activities without missing out on mainstream lessons and curriculum.

My child has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or is going through an assessment

My child is currently being assessed

If you are currently going through an EHC assessment with our SENA service, but don’t have a plan in place, you will still need to apply to a mainstream school for your child. Please state on your application under additional information anything key we should know about your child’s needs, or if you are currently going through an EHC assessment.

I have applied for a mainstream school but my child has just received an Education, Health and Care Plan which names a different school

You should keep your mainstream application and any school offered until you have written confirmation from the SENA service of an alternative school placement (please note that most EHCPs will not need to recommend a change in school).

As soon as you receive your child’s EHCP and a confirmed start date at a new school, your SEN case manager will help manage the arrangements. However, you will need to notify the school admissions service that you no longer require a mainstream place, you can refuse a school place by using our contact form.

Applying for a place in our schools

Our school admissions pages have information on how and when to apply for a school place.

Your SEN advisor can help with the application process, talk to them if you need any help.

Special schools

For some young people attending a special school will offer the support they need, with access to mainstream school available as their needs change.

To find out more about a special school you can hear from staff and parents at Maplewell Hall in Woodhouse Eaves.

For more detailed information on the different types of educational settings and provisions available in Leicestershire you may also wish to refer to our SEND Provision in Leicestershire (SPIL) 

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