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Apply for a primary or secondary school place or a school place during term time in Leicestershire.

For first-time admissions to infant and primary school, September 2021:

  • 7,115 on-time applications
  • 93% secured their first choice
  • 98% secured one of their top 3 choices

For Year-7 secondary school entry 2021 we received:

  • 7,400 on-time applications
  • 88.9% secured their first choice
  • 95.4% secured one of their top 3 choices
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High volume of school applications

We are currently experiencing high volumes of school applications. We are prioritising applications for:

  • an immediate move; for instance owing to a house move to a new area
  • first time admission places for reception 2021 and
  • Year 7 transfers in 2021.

If you're seeking a move for the start of September 2021, your application will now be processed later in summer term or during the summer break.  Please be patient and wait for us to contact you.

Where possible, we still aim to meet our target of 15 school days to process your school application form.

If you've not heard within 15 school days of applying and you're seeking a place from this September, please wait until late June.

If you're seeking a place from September, please bear in mind that places can't be reserved now.  If a place is offered now it must be taken up now or it may be offered to someone else.

2022 - 2027 term dates

School term dates for 2022/23 onwards have not yet been set - we're currently seeking your views on when you think future school holidays should fall.

You can have your say and take part in our consultation on this. All views will be considered and a final decision on when term dates for 2022/23 through to 2026/27 will be, is due to be published this autumn.

The deadline for comments is midnight Sunday 18 July 2021.


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