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Coronavirus is still a danger

To help prevent the spread and stay safe you can:
• keep a distance from others
• wear face coverings where required
• wash hands often
• get your vaccine/booster when you’re eligible
• regularly test and self-isolate if required

Further guidance on how to stay safe and prevent the spread

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Support for families with domestic abuse

Children, young people and families, who have experienced domestic abuse, can attend confidential courses to help them improve their wellbeing and lifestyle.

The Children and Family Wellbeing Service (CFWS) offer various groups to suit different ages and situations. They aim to educate, advise and encourage you to share your story and build your confidence.

Each group has its own eligibility criteria and depends on whether domestic abuse is a current or a past experience.

Attendance to any of these groups is completely confidential.


These groups allow participants to meet and work with others who have had similar experiences of domestic abuse.

Groups for children aged 8-16 years

Groups for parents and carers aged 16+

One-to-one support

We offer personal support to families and children to improve different aspects of their lifestyle, such as parenting skills, emotional and physical health and wellbeing, and behaviour management.

Support for children and families

Further information and requesting a service 

For further information on our services, contact details and requesting a service, please visit our Children and Family Wellbeing Service home page.

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