Services for 'looked after' children and young people

Children's Rights Service

You can ask for help from the Children's Rights Service if you are a child in care or have been looked after by the Children and Family Services.

Children’s Rights Officer

Children’s Rights Officers work for this service and you can ask them to:

  • help you understand your rights and make sure you’re being treated fairly
  • give you information, help and advice
  • attend meetings with you and speak on your behalf
  • help you get legal advice
  • advise you if you wish to make a complaint about the Children and Family Services or help you with something you’re unhappy with
  • help stop things that shouldn’t be happening to you
  • make sure you are listened to by your carers

You won’t get into trouble for contacting a Children's Rights Officer and they’ll keep the information you give them private and confidential.

A Children's Rights Officer is not a social worker.

A Children's Rights Officer won’t do anything if you don’t want them to - unless you or someone else is being hurt or may get hurt. In this situation, you’ll be told what’s going on.

You can get help from a Children’s Rights Officer by phone, in writing or by a visit. If you live in a Leicestershire children’s home, you can arrange to meet with an officer when they make their visit.