Services for 'looked after' children and young people


Teachers, carers and social workers who are worried about a ‘looked after’ child’s education can address the issue when creating the child’s Personal Education Plan (PEP). If the issue is difficult to sort out, there are people that can help:

Leicestershire Virtual School

The Leicestershire Virtual School aims to:

  • increase the attendance, success and progress in education of children in care
  • help schools
  • give advice and keep an eye on how Pupil Premium Plus (PPP) is used
  • give training
  • lead on Personal Education Plan (PEP) meetings
  • help with learning support for schools
  • make schools and key people aware of any attachment issues

You will have an education improvement officer assigned to you by the service to get the help you need.

Contact the Virtual School here:
Service Manager / Virtual School Head
0116 305 6097

Visit the Leicestershire Virtual School website.

Children’s Rights Service

You can ask for help from the Children’s Rights Service if you are unhappy with the education service and would like to make a complaint.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) information advice and support service

This service gives advice and guidance on issues such as special educational needs, being left out, bullying and making complaints.

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