Services for 'looked after' children and young people

Corporate Parenting

You may find it difficult being a child in care and living away from your family. The Corporate Parenting Team tries to make sure you are given opportunities so you can reach your potential.

Services you can get

You can benefit from the many services offered by us.

Celebrate your achievements

You can be nominated by a social worker, youth worker, your carers or someone who knows about your achievements, to receive an award for your achievements in any area of your life.

You will receive a personal letter of congratulations from the Corporate Parenting Manager and a gift voucher. You’ll also be invited to an award ceremony, held every 12 months, to celebrate your achievements.

Laptops and computers

Children in care and care leavers can get a computer and printer, from us, to use at home. You may have to share this equipment with other children that you live with.

If you are over 16 years old and in full time education or training you can apply for a laptop.

Driving lessons

You can get financial help when learning to drive, we will pay for your provisional licence, theory test and practical driving test. We will also pay half the cost of your driving lessons as long as you pay for the other half (you must tell us before you book your lessons and keep all the receipts).


You can get free access to swimming pools at leisure centres using the Activ8Card if you are under 16 years old.

Funding for individuals

You can apply for up to £150 each year from the ‘Time 2 Spend’ fund. The funding can be used for trying a new hobby (such as horse riding or dancing) or getting special equipment for this new activity; getting a musical instrument or helping towards a school or college trip.

Review of Arrangements Consultation Document

Have your voice heard in your looked after Review of Arrangements (ROA). To help ensure your voice is heard in your review you can complete the children and young person’s consultation My Review form.