Educational Psychology Service

Information for schools, parents and carers, young people and children about how the Leicestershire Educational Psychology Service can support inclusion and learning, wellbeing, and positive futures for all.

For parents

Support we can offer to your child

Schools and educational settings are able to request a consultation with an Educational Psychologist if they have concerns about the learning, development or wellbeing of children and young people in their settings.

To ensure that our service is able to support children with the greatest need, we work collaboratively with schools and educational settings to prioritise casework.

If you have concerns about the development of your child or you are a young person with concerns of your own, we would advise you to speak to school or college staff and the SENDCO in the first instance.

We also provide psychological advice to contribute to the Education and Health Care needs assessment process.

For schools


ELSA Training


If you would like to express an interest for ELSA training, please email

ELSA Supervision

See our Leicestershire Educational Psychology Service page on the Traded Services website to book ELSA Supervision for 2024/25 (bookings open in the summer term 2024).

What we offer - commissioned

We aim to build capacity and promote inclusion in schools, colleges and other educational settings. This means we seek to support settings when situations are in the early stages of becoming ‘stuck’ and new ideas are needed, but before crisis.

We work in a variety of creative ways as part of a graduated response to support the development, learning, and wellbeing of children and young people. As Educational Psychologists, we work at a range of different levels to maximise our impact.

To find out more about the range of preventative and creative services that we are able to offer, and to purchase our Service Level Agreement (SLA), please visit our Traded Services website.


Traded Services

See: Leicestershire Educational Psychology Service on the Traded Services website.

What we offer - statutory

Statutory work is funded by Leicestershire County Council, and includes:

  • Psychological advice for Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) assessments. 
  • Psychological contributions to support with requests for changes to school placements.
  • Support and/or attendance at tribunals.
  • Critical incident support for Leicestershire settings and professionals. Please call 0116 305 5100 and ask to speak to the Senior or Principal Educational Psychologist.
  • Early years assessment and intervention work.
  • Attendance at inclusion forums for secondary and primary aged pupils.