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Supporting children with SEND

We want all children with special educational needs and disabilities to receive the right support to enable them to make good progress and to play a full part in school life.

In most cases children with SEND can achieve well and receive the help they need in a mainstream school, without the need for an EHCP Needs Assessment.

All schools across Leicestershire have an SEND Co-ordinator and staff who are trained to support children with a large range of needs.

We work closely with the local Parent Carer Forum and our shared approach is that we want children and young people to get the support they need as close as possible to home, so that they feel part of their local communities and supported by a range of people and organisations.

We are working with a range of partners so that local mainstream schools and specialist provision is high quality, flexible and able to meet different needs – including health and social care needs.

What type of support could my child receive?

Most children who have a special educational need continue to attend their local mainstream school, alongside their friends and class-mates.

Your child’s class-teacher and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator will be able to work with you to understand your child’s needs and to provide any additional support needed. For example, this may be a particular approach to teaching to match your child’s learning style, or the use of technology, or small group or one to one support at regular times. Support can be in the class room or around the school at other times.

If the school need specialist advice or support they can approach outside specialists, including our own Specialist Teaching Service or Educational Psychology Service.

SEND Support Handbook

The SEND Support Handbook contains local information and guidance for schools/education providers, parents/carers and other interested parties about the support that is available to Leicestershire children and young people who have SEN or a disability.

The Handbook includes important guidance for education providers on expectations about the use of Best Endeavours and Reasonable Adjustments to meet children’s special needs and to support any disabilities. There are also links to useful information, legislation and an overview of school SEND funding. Sections include:

  • The Local Offer
  • The SEND Code of Practice
  • Legislation
  • Starting School and Transitions
  • Best Endeavours and Reasonable Adjustments (BE/RA)
  • Inclusion Services
  • Support in the Early Years
  • Identifying Health Needs
  • Support in Schools
  • Targeted and Specialist Support
  • Whole School SEND Reviews
  • Funding
  • Transport Policy
  • Other Support Agencies
  • Best Practice

SEND Support Handbook  Opens new window

The handbook has been produced in collaboration with health partners and the Leicestershire Parent Carer Forum.

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