Mountsorrel Recycling and Household Waste Site

Mountsorrel is one of 14 recycling and household waste sites in Leicestershire. Site users must keep children and pets in cars at all times and be alert and aware of other vehicles and pedestrians on the site. A 5mph speed limit applies and speed humps up to 75mm high are in place.

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Waste site updates

Opening hours change from Sunday 1 October: all of our sites will revert to winter opening hours 9am to 4pm (on the days they're usually open). Please arrive at least 10 minutes before closing time.

Always check the web page for your intended waste site before you visit

  • Fluorescent tubes: currently can't be accepted at Oadby site
  • Scrap metal: currently can't be accepted at Somerby site

Weekends: Before setting off, check our website for opening hours, check our Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates. Please note:

  • Weekends are usually quite busy. Sometimes we're unable to accept certain materials and, in extreme cases, may have to close sites until there is sufficient capacity to run them safely.
  • We plan for busy periods, but urge you to think about when to visit your waste site, to avoid delays.
Monday: 9:00-16:00
Tuesday - Wednesday: Closed
Thursday - Sunday: 9:00-16:00
Mountsorrel Household Waste and Recycling, Granite Way, Mountsorrel, LE12 7TZ
  • Vans, pick-ups and cars with trailers, and any vehicle bringing asbestos, chemicals or liquid paint, must have a Waste Permit.
  • Suitable footwear and gloves should be worn to assist in safe handling of your waste. Please ensure you can unload your waste yourself, as we cannot guarantee that physical assistance can be provided by site staff
  • Vehicles are allowed access to the site up to 5 minutes before closing time (at peaks times this may be increased)
  • All vehicles must be off-site by closing time
  • Pedestrian access is permitted at this site
  • All waste legally deposited at this site becomes the property of the County Council
  • Waste site terms and conditions and site rules

There is a charge to dispose of some types of non-household waste.
You can only pay using a credit or debit card, contactless when possible. Cash or cheques will not be accepted.

This site accepts:

Asbestos* - cement bonded asbestos only (Charges apply)


Bric a brac

Car batteries





Computers and peripherals (including printers, keyboards, computer mice, tablets, gaming consoles)

Cooking oil

Engine oil

Flat glass (Charges apply)

Fluorescent tubes


Food tins and drink cans

Fridges and freezers^

Garden waste**


Hardcore and soil (Charges apply)

Low energy bulbs

Mobile phones

Non-recyclable household waste (black bags, carpets, mattresses etc.)


Plasterboard*** (Charges apply)

Plastic bottles, tubs, pots and trays

Scrap metal


Small appliances


TV and monitors

Upholstered domestic seating (armchairs, bean bags/floor cushions, dining/kitchen chairs, home office chairs, futons, pouffes, sofas/sofa beds, settees and stools/footstools)

White goods (large domestic appliances)


*Asbestos: you can dispose of 30 sheets or bags (or a combination of both); 10 lengths of guttering; 1 water tank

**Any branches or tree trunks must be smaller or cut down to less than 15cm wide and 1 metre in length.

***We can only accept plasterboard for recycling if all fixtures and fittings, such as tiles or woodwork, have been separated from the plasterboard first.  We cannot accept demolition waste that contains plasterboard mixed with other materials such as tiles and bricks.

Confidential waste

  • Please remove all confidential data from your PC, laptop, phone or tablet before you dispose of it.
  • You must remove confidential material from your general waste and ensure that it is disposed of correctly.

This site does not accept:

  • Ammunition such as Second World War shells, explosive caps, and ammunition for guns and shotguns
  • Business waste
  • Vehicles (motorised or non-motorised) - including cars and vans, motorbikes, caravans, trailers or any structural part of a vehicle e.g. trailer beds, trailer side panels, dismantled caravan panels and parts, seats, dashboards, bumpers, doors, bonnets, panels, brake discs and pads, engines, gear boxes, axles, wheels and tyres
  • Chemicals
  • Clinical waste / needles / sharps
  • Construction wood such as railway sleepers, telegraph poles and wood treated with creosote
  • COVID-19 contaminated material (or suspected) unless it is double bagged and has been kept for at least 72 hours before depositing it on site
  • Gas bottles/cylinders - cannot be accepted from 30 January 2023
  • Paint (liquid)
  • Tyres

Please see our How do I dispose of...   page for suggestions of how you can reuse or recycle your items or if you can’t see your item listed here.