Sexual health services in Leicestershire and Rutland

This engagement runs from Monday 16 January – midnight on Sunday 12 March.

Sexual health services for Leicestershire and Rutland comprise of the Integrated Sexual Health Service (ISHS) and Community Based Services (CBS).

The Integrated Sexual Health Service (ISHS) is currently jointly commissioned by Leicester City, Leicestershire County and Rutland County Councils.

This service has main clinics (hub clinics) alongside several smaller (spoke) clinics.

Hub clinics are in:

  • Haymarket Centre (Leicester)
  • Loughborough Health Centre  

Spoke clinics are in:

  • Rutland Memorial Hospital 
  • Hinckley Health Centre
  • St. Luke’s Hospital (Market Harborough)
  • Coalville Community Hospital. 

The service currently provides a range of services including:

  • sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment  
  • a specific young people’s service  
  • psychosexual counselling  
  • contraceptive services  

Community Based Services are commissioned individually by each authority and provide contraceptive services in communities. This may be delivered by either your GP or a local pharmacy.

Why we are consulting

In Leicestershire and Rutland both the Integrated Sexual Health Service (ISHS) and Community Based Services (CBS) contracts end on 31 March 2024 meaning that Leicestershire and Rutland need to set up new contracts.

We are seeking your views on what the sexual health services should offer and how they might work. The new contracts will provide an opportunity to make changes, and ensure services better meets users’ needs.

We also need to understand how people might be affected by any proposed changes to help shape future services.

Consultation for the Leicestershire and Rutland’s Sexual Health Services was approved by Leicestershire County Council’s Cabinet on 16 December 2022 and Rutland County Council’s Cabinet on 12 January 2023.  

What are the proposals?

A summary of the proposed changes is listed below:

  • changes to the way the services are contracted - the plans are that Leicestershire and Rutland will work together due to their similar geographical make-up and similar needs of their populations, which differ from that of Leicester City
  • hub and spoke model of sexual health clinic provision to be retained and delivered from suitable premises and to be based on need
  • expand the accessibility of chlamydia screening services
  • dedicated long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) (coil/implants) provision within community settings
  • expand emergency hormonal contraception (EHC) provision locally

The following services will continue to be available:

  • condom distribution service for under 25s 
  • availability of online sexual health services
  • vending machines in easy-to-access venues with condoms, STI testing kits and pregnancy testing kits available
  • providing professional advice over the telephone to help you manage your sexual health better 
  • increasing the availability of advice and information that is on the sexual health services website

This consultation is about sexual health services that include prevention, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections and contraceptive services. These services can be used by people no matter where they live.

It does not include the HIV treatment and care services that are provided by University Hospitals of Leicester.

There will still be an open access sexual health service in Leicester City Hub, which will be contracted by Leicester City Council.

Let us have your views

We are particularly open to hearing from users of our current services, staff who provide sexual health services and partner organisations to complete this consultation.

In the survey, we will refer to Hub and Spoke clinics – these are outlined above.

Please note that the questionnaire covers sexual health services in the areas of Leicestershire County Council and Rutland County Council.

Share your views by midnight on Sunday 12 March 2023:

Complete the survey online

Alternative format

If you can, please complete the questionnaire online as this is kinder to our environment.

A copy of the questions is available to print out and should be returned to the freepost address at the bottom of the document. 

You can also view an easy read version of the information below.

If you would like paper copies or translations of any of these documents, please email or phone 0116 305 0705. 

Responses will be confidential, and findings shared will not contain any personal identifiable data.

If you have any questions or queries on this consultation, please email

What happens next?

After the consultation closes in March, we’ll analyse the results and share the findings before going to full council in April 2023.

You can also see Leicester City Council's sexual health services review