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Highway record enquiry

You can request a highways search for a specific property or piece of land.

Response to a highway enquiry

About the Plan

  • The general boundaries of publicly maintainable (adopted) highways for streets included on the statutory List of Streets.
  • The general boundaries of prospectively maintainable (future) highways where the proposed layout has been approved.
  • The approximate routes of any Public Rights of Way which are recorded on the Definitive Map
  • Other features of particular importance for which specific enquiries have been made


All features are digitised and illustrated using the OS MasterMap Topography Layer under a similar policy to the Land Registry's 'general boundaries' principle.

Drawing on customer-supplied plans

We are unable to fulfil requests to draw the highway boundary on plans sent to us. This is to avoid possible misinterpretation due to differences in scale and/or the underlying base map.

Scale and paper size

Our highway extent plans are produced as PDF documents based on standard paper sizes ranging from A4 to A0 at an approximate scale between 1:1250 and 1:2500. We no longer publish plans at a particular scale as Ordnance Survey MasterMap displays indicate locations of features only, which is not suitable for scaling or measuring from.


We return our responses to you by email unless a postal reply is specifically requested. Our representation of the highway extent (and any other relevant information) is displayed on top of Ordnance Survey's MasterMap product. The plan is provided in a high-quality (vector) PDF format, meaning that the quality is retained regardless of the zoom level you are using. A sample of a typical plan is shown below:

Highway Extent Plan - Sample    Opens new window


Every enquiry that we receive is researched to a level where we are providing you with a plan that is correct according to our best available information at that time. If on receipt of our response you believe there is an inaccuracy with our plan and you can provide us with evidence contrary to what is shown, please let us know and we will be happy to investigate further.

Plans provided often show a wide area, often spanning further than what is relevant to your enquiry. We only have the resource to be able to research the area that is of relevance to a specific enquiry. Therefore, please do not use the same plan for more than one enquiry as we can not guarantee that all areas shown have been researched to a satisfactory level.

Public Rights of Way

We include the approximate routes of known Public Rights of Way within the vicinity of the property. These will automatically be shown on any enquiry where a highway extent plan is included and information relating to any routes shown will be included in our written response.

All specific queries relating to a Public Right of Way including requests for an appointment to view the Definitive Map should be made directly to the Public Rights of Way section at County Hall.

Other information included (where requested)

Road, Traffic Scheme and Traffic Management Proposals

We can provide information on any proposals that we are aware of within a specified distance of the boundary of the property. This covers measures such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • County council or Highways England proposals for new roads or alterations to existing roads 
  • Restrictions on the movement of traffic 
  • Traffic calming works 
  • Pedestrian crossings 
  • Cycle tracks 
  • Residents parking controls 
  • Stopping up, extinguishment, downgrading and diversion of highways

Highway Safeguarding (Building and Improvement) Lines

Building and improvement lines are safeguards laid down under statute to protect a width on one or both sides of the existing highway to facilitate future highway improvements. We can provide information on any building and improvement lines within the vicinity of the property.

Developer Road Proposals and Road Adoption Agreements

We can provide information on developer road proposals and road adoption agreements that we are aware of that are relevant to the property in the enquiry. This primarily covers agreements under Section 38 and 278 of the Highways Act 1980.

If you have requested a highway extent plan, in the majority of instances the approximate layout of any areas to be adopted will be shown on the plan. Our written response will include an explanation of any areas subject to a developer proposal. If there are any adoption agreements present we will include date of the agreement and the developer in our response.

Copies of legal agreements can only be obtained from our Legal Services department. Email: Legal Services department.

Any specific information regarding the progress of a particular development should be directed to our Infrastructure Planning team:

What is not provided in a Highway Records Enquiry

Road Maintenance and Parking Issues

If your enquiry is regarding maintenance such as potholes in roads or footpaths:

Report the problem online

You can also tell us about grass cutting or parking related issues.

Road Classifications

To find out a classification, please contact

Planning Applications

Information regarding specific planning applications should be directed to either the local planning authority (relevant district or borough council), or if it is a highway related matter to our Highway Development Management team at

Copies of Legal Agreements and Documents

Copies are available for documents such as agreements under Section 38 and Section 278 of the Highways Act 1980 and can only be obtained from our Legal Services department. Email: Legal Services department.

Local Search Enquiries

Contact the relevant district or borough council regarding:

  • Local Searches
  • Local Land Charges Register
  • CON29 enquiries

Land Ownership

Note: In most cases, the County Council do not own highway land. If you are trying to find out if the Council maintains a section of land, please submit a highway record enquiry.

Ordnance Survey mapping

How to interpret Ordnance Survey information used on HM Land Registry title plans

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