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North and East Melton Mowbray Distributor Road scheme

Distributor road east and north of Melton (A606 Nottingham Road to the north joining A606 Burton Road).


In September and October 2017 we sought views on a recommended route for a distributor road which will relieve congestion in Melton Mowbray and support plans for housing and employment growth in the town.

The distributor road would run to the east and north of Melton, beginning on the A606 Nottingham Road to the north before re-joining the A606 Burton Road to the south of the town.

The scheme aims to:

  • Improve access to potential housing and employment;
  • Reduce congestion within Melton Mowbray;
  • Improve access to Melton town centre;
  • Reduce the number of HGVs travelling through Melton town centre.

A report (provided below) detailing the final recommended route along with results of the consultation was presented to and subsequently approved by the council’s cabinet in December 2017.

Following this an Outline Business Case was submitted to the Department for Transport (DfT) in late December 2017 (see document below) seeking funding for the scheme.

Design work, surveys and engagement with landowners has continued, allowing the route to be further refined. This has taken into account feedback received during consultation, and has sought to minimise the impact on the environment, local landowners and residents, and ensure that it best supports future development and growth.

Preferred Route

The 'Preferred Route' for the north and east section of the NEMMDR was agreed by the Director on 8 May 2018, following consultation with the Lead Member for Environment and Transport. A plan showing this route is attached below, and you can view the press release.

Please note that a further southern distributor road link from A606 Burton road to A607 Leicester Road (that does not form part of this scheme) is identified in Melton Borough Council's submission draft local plan through the Melton Mowbray south sustainable neighbourhood.


It was announced on 17 May 2018 that the project has successfully secured £49.5m of Government funding following a bid to the Department for Transport (DfT) Local Major Schemes Fund. 

If you have any queries you can email

Planning application

A planning application for the North and East Melton Mowbray Distributor Road was submitted in October 2018 and subsequently granted in May 2019 (see below).

For further details please visit the Planning Portal where you can search the name of this scheme or use planning reference 2018/Reg3Ma/0182/LCC. Please note that the deadline for comments has now passed.

Details of the planning application were distributed to around 1000 properties within approximately 500m of the proposed route together with information at community locations/events such as the library, and borough council offices. Posters were also placed at key locations throughout the town.

Drop-in information events at Melton Borough Council Offices were held on:

  • Monday 15 October 1:30 - 8:30pm
  • Friday 19 October 1:30 - 8:30pm
  • Saturday 20 October 10am - 3:30pm

These events were well received, with nearly 300 people attending.

Whilst the events have now taken place, all of the details of the planning application including plans, and supporting documents are available via the planning portal link above. Any queries about the scheme can be sent to

A simulated 3D flyover video of the proposal has been produced by AECOM. An interactive version of this video was available at the drop-in events.

Drop-in session information banners    Opens new window


Planning application update – May 2019

A planning application for the North and East Melton Mowbray Distributor Road was submitted in October 2018. For further details please visit the Planning Portal where you can search the name of this scheme or use planning reference 2018/Reg3Ma/0182/LCC.

As detailed previously, extensive consultation has been carried out with members of the public, stakeholders and landowners throughout.

Planning permission was granted on Thursday 23 May 2019, subject to conditions; some of which are listed below:

  • The development shall be commenced within 3 years from the date of the permission.
  • Operational hours — Apart from some exemptions no operations shall be carried out at the site except between the following times: 0700 hours and 1900 hours Monday to Friday; and 0800 hours and 1300 hours Saturday. There shall be no operations on Sundays or public or bank holidays.
  • Ecology — Prior to commencement of construction works, a detailed Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) shall be Submitted to and approved in writing by the County Planning Authority. 
  • Landscaping — The planting of all trees, wildflower grassland, scrub, hedgerows and marginal aquatic vegetation shall be locally native species. Final landscaping plans shall be submitted to and approved by the County Planning Authority prior to implementation of the landscaping works and provide for a biodiversity net gain.
  • River Eye — The scheme shall make provision for compensatory habitat creation including its management and monitoring and shall be implemented as approved. Thereafter, the development shall be implemented in accordance with the approved scheme.
  • Materials — The road shall be constructed utilising a low road noise surface material as proposed in the submitted application.
  • Flood risk — The development hereby permitted shall not be commenced until such time as a scheme to provide compensatory floodplain storage (as detailed in section 4.2, p36 of the submitted Flood Risk Assessment - see planning application) has been submitted to, and approved in writing by, the County Planning Authority.

Please visit the planning portal to view the conditions in full. Planning reference 2018/Reg3Ma/0182/LCC.

Next steps

We will progress the detailed design and land acquisition plans. Following this, it is currently anticipated that the main construction works will commence on site in early 2021 and will finish mid 2023. We will continue to keep members of the public, stakeholders and landowners informed throughout this process.

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