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Transport plans and policies

Information on our Network Management plan, Transport Asset Management plan and Highways Maintenance policy and strategy

Network Management plan

The Network Management Plan sets out how we will manage our highway network and fulfil our network management duty. It also looks into the challenges that we face and explains how we will deal with them.

The plan was published in April 2014 and will run until 2026.

Network Management Plan   Opens new window

Highway Asset Management policy and strategy

Highway Asset Management Policy    Opens new window

Highway Asset Management Strategy    Opens new window

Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan (HIAMP)    Opens new window

Skid Resistance Strategy    Opens new window

Tree Management Strategy    Opens new window

Climate change

The effects of climate change on 3CAP’s highway network policies and standards – phase 2 March 2011   Opens new window

Climate change adaptations for highways    Opens new window

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