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We carry out studies to help inform our future approach to transport. This can include work to:

  • Assess the impact of housing growth and improve our understanding of how the growing population could affect the transport network
  • Evaluate transport issues and possible solutions
  • Identify the causes of congestion and potential ways to reduce it
  • Assess where, and whether, there’s a case to invest in major new transportation infrastructure


Sileby and Barrow traffic and transport study 2016   Opens new window

Melton Mowbray Transport Strategy

It’s likely that Melton will see considerable amounts of growth in the coming years. Previous road improvements have helped with traffic, but there are still problems which are slowing the town’s growth.

A transport strategy is needed to help support the town’s growth, one of its main aims will be to help to progress the Melton Mowbray Outer Relief Road (MMORR). Parts of the MMORR to the north and south are likely to be built with new developments.

Work has been done by County and Borough council officers, supported by Jacobs consultants, to see whether the north and south parts should be linked together by another section of the MMORR running to the east or west of the town. The draft report explains the findings of this work.

The content of the draft report will be subject to ongoing minor amendments, but it’s not expected that the key findings will be altered as a result. 

Melton Mowbray Distributor Road Options Assessment Report   

Promotion of key strategic transport infrastructure to support economic growth

There is an overwhelming economic benefit to the country for the Government to invest in transport infrastructure serving the Midlands.  

A series of leaflets, which summarise these benefits, have been produced. A brief summary, along with links to the leaflets, is provided below. 

Prospectus for Growth

It is important that the economy of Leicester and Leicestershire, the Midlands and the rest of the UK remains strong and we have ambitious growth plans to support this. The Prospectus for Growth summarises the benefits for Government investment in key transport infrastructure serving the Midlands.   

Prospectus for Growth - high resolution version    Opens new window

Prospectus for Growth - low resolution version    Opens new window

Key to Growth - HS2 

The number of passengers using Britain’s railways, and the amount of freight traffic that they are now carrying, has grown considerably since the mid-1990s. This trend is set to continue.

Part of the Government’s response to meeting its economic growth ambitions and addressing rail growth pressures is the HS2 proposal. Given the economic importance of effective rail connectivity it is important that this investment is maximised. 

If HS2 goes ahead, a short length of rail link between the Midland Main Line and HS2 at Toton could provide additional economic benefits to the country of £1.9billion per year, maximising the Government’s investment in HS2. 

The Key to Growth leaflet highlights the overwhelming economic case for providing a rail link between HS2 and the Midland Mainline at Toton station.  

Key to Growth    Opens new win

Unlocking Growth

Part of the Government’s response to meeting its economic growth ambitions is promotion of the ‘Midlands Engine’. It has committed an estimated £5.2 billion of investment to create a modern, inter-connected transport network for the Midlands. It is important that this investment is maximised. 

If the Midlands region matches the predicted growth rate for the UK over the next 15 years it could boost the national economy by £34 billion.

An investment of £1 billion in four key road and rail schemes could generate around £4 billion of GVA per year and dramatically improve transport connection between Northern England, the Midlands, Southern England and Wales. These schemes are:

  • A5/M1/M69/A46 route improvement
  • Proposed new M1 junction (J20a) 
  • Toton rail link, between Midland Main Line and HS2 
  • Leicester to Coventry direct rail link (known as LE-NUCKLE)

The Connecting the Midlands leaflet highlights the overwhelming economic case for investing in the Midlands. 

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Melton Mowbray Eastern Distributor Road 

Planning for future growth and supporting the economy of Market Towns are important elements in delivering the Government’s economic and growth ambitions.  

Melton Mowbray is a key Market Town in Leicestershire. It contributes to the wider economy of both the county and the country. It is nationally recognised as the Rural Capital of Food and the only place in Leicestershire to pioneer a Food Enterprise Zone. 

Melton Mowbray’s road network operates over-capacity during peak hours, and cannot sustain any further significant growth.  As a result the delivery of 5,000 dwellings and up to 6,000 jobs are directly dependent on improvements to the road network. Without strategic highway investment, it will be unable to expand its economy.

The delivery of a Melton Mowbray Eastern Distributor Road, with associated town centre improvements, will deliver a range of benefits, including the delivery of up to 5,000 new homes, 31ha of employment land, £150m transport benefits, £102m additional new annual GVA and 22% growth in the town’s economy. 

The Melton Mowbray Eastern Distributor Road leaflet highlights the case for investing in a distributor road for Melton Mowbray. 

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