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Housing for learning and physically disabled people

There are many different types of housing for a young person or adult with special educational needs, mental ill health or a disability (SEND). You can have continuous care, live in someone else's home or get help to live on your own or with friends.

Supported living

Supported living is about getting help at home

  • Supported living is about having your own place to live, with the support you need.
  • We are all different and like to live in different ways. Having your own home means having independence.
  • Having your own home means having your own front door key.
  • You can live on your own or with friends
  • You can live in rented accommodation or own your accommodation
  • You can choose who supports you where you live
  • Supported living is where you can get help at home

How you get supported living

  • You can ask your social worker or a friend to apply for you. You can contact your social worker directly or call your local office.
  • You can apply by yourself or ask someone to speak for you
  • Telephone 0116 305 0004

We can support you in moving into supported living.  A social care worker will need to visit you to make sure you need the service.
They will talk to you about all your options and agree if supported living is the best way to meet your needs.

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