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Disabled facilities grant

You may be able to get money to help you make changes to your home (an ‘adaptation’). The Disabled Facilities Grant can help you with home adaptations costing over £1,000.

Home adaptations

Changes to your home should be necessary and appropriate to your needs, such as:

  • giving you access to your home and facilities
  • making your home safer for you
  • improving the heating system in your home

You can use the grant to:

  • install access ramps
  • widen door ways
  • install a stair lift
  • have a level access shower fitted

How to apply

Contact Adult Social Care to arrange for an occupational therapist to provide you with advice and an eligibility assessment in your own home.  If you’re eligible you’ll be referred to your local district or borough council.

You or the property owner can apply for the grant as long as you intend to live in the property for 5 years (the ‘grant period’).

The grant you receive will be the difference between your contribution and the cost of the adaptation.  A maximum of £30,000 is available for mandatory grants.  Grants over this amount can be given, but this will be your local council’s decision.

Adaptation completion times

70% of major adaptations are completed within 12 months and stair lifts within 6 months.

Your local council will give you more accurate completion times for your area.

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