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Support for birth parents

You have a right to access support, such as counselling for birth parents, and voice your opinions through our First Family support service or by contacting the adoption social worker.

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Contact First family support service by emailing or alternatively use our enquiry form and we will get back to you.

Other online sources of support include:

CoramBAAF - useful organisations for birth parents

After adoption – support for birth parents

Barnardo’s adoption support for birth families

The adoption process

Once you have received the letter from the agency decision maker you should expect a leaflet about the First Family Support Service which has information about a counselling service and other support.

You will be offered up to 6 counselling sessions at a venue of your choice.


Why was my child was adopted?

Your child’s social worker will be able to explain why your child was adopted but if you need further support in understanding this, you can contact the First Family Support Service.

Can I recommend someone to adopt my child?

You can suggest someone; however, this would need to be discussed with your child’s social worker, to see if they would be suitable.

Can I get copies of, and support with court documents?

You can request copies of and get support with reading court documents through the First Family Support Service or your child’s social worker.

Can I meet the people adopting my child?

We would need to consider your situation to make a decision.

Can I have contact with my child?

There is a Letterbox service that families can use to keep in touch.

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