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School admissions update

The School Admissions Office Team will be available to parents Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9am - 5pm (4:30pm on Friday). The team will be offline to parents on Tuesdays and Thursdays to focus on applications to schools that they have received.

Parents and carers are reminded that the School Admissions Service is extremely busy in the first few weeks of September - contacting the service at peak times may be difficult. As all schools have now re-opened we are working to establish availability of spaces and are processing applications as quickly as possible.

Current open applications

  • First Time Admissions (FTA): The application window for children seeking to start school for the first time from autumn 2023 is now open until national closing date 15 January. National offer date for FTA entry 2023 is 16 April (or next working day).
  • Secondary Transfer (Year 6 to Year 7): The application window to apply for Year 7 entry 2023 is now open. Parents and carers will have received an invitation to apply. The National closing date for Year 7 transfers is 31 October and the National offer date is 1 March (or next working day).

Parents and carers: to maximise your opportunities, apply for three schools including the catchment school(s). It is never advised to only apply for one school, as this increases the risk of disappointment, resulting in upset and having to accept a school much further away.

  • Infant to Junior transfers: The application window to transfer from Infant to Junior school is now open. Parents and carers will receive a letter inviting them to apply to transfer for entry 2023. Always apply for the linked Junior school to maximise likelihood of success. The closing date for infant to junior transfer is 15 January, the national offer date is 16 April (or next working day). Applications for a year-three place in a primary school will not be processed until late summer term, for entry 2023, as it will be considered a mid-term transfer.

If your child is at primary, junior or secondary school and you want to move them to a different school during the school year, you need to apply. This is called a mid-term or in-year transfer.

Before you apply

If you are applying for an Academy, Foundation, Voluntary Aided school, Trust school or Free school, you need to check with the school whether a supplementary application form is needed.

Moving school as you’re moving house

If you're moving house and your child / children are already at a school, but will no longer be able to attend that school, you need to:

  • tell the school that you're moving, the school will inform us to enable us to update our records.
  • find a school in Leicestershire.

If you'll no longer live in Leicestershire, you need to find a school in the area you will live in

It is important that your child continues to attend school, where possible.

Applications for mid-term transfer

School places cannot be reserved to be taken up at a future date as determined in the School Admissions Code. 

Where a place can be allocated and offered within Leicestershire, you will have a window of 20 school days in which to take up the place and for your child to be placed on roll or the offer will be withdrawn. You should therefore apply for a mid-term transfer no more than four weeks before your preferred start date.

Moving school in Years 10 and 11

Parents are strongly advised that in their child’s best interests, it's never a good idea to move school once the child has embarked on a two-year GCSE course. This is because, even if the intended school has availability, it's unlikely that the school will be able to accommodate the options the child has already opted to do at the current school.

Popular options may already be full and they may have to do options the child has no interest in. The new school may not be able to meet the combination of options requested, it is also likely to be following a different curriculum or may have started from a different point, and it may be following a different examination board. In some instances, schools will have already started some option subjects from Year 9.

Parents are therefore advised to work with the current school and see through the GCSEs as their child is well settled, the teachers know the child and will get the best out of them, to minimising education disruption by not changing school during such vital school years.

Moving school due to a dispute or another reason

You should think very carefully whether moving your child to another school is the best option for your child.

Most problems parents and children have can be sorted out by talking to the child or speaking to relevant people at the school eg teachers, tutors, Head of Year, Headteacher, school Education Welfare Officer.

There is no guarantee that your preferred school(s) will be able to offer your child a place. You should not remove your child from their current school before you have an offer of a place at another school.

Meeting the criteria

Before you apply for your child’s school place, please make sure the following applies to you:  

  1. You know what Leicestershire school you would like your child to go to.
    If you’re not sure, use our find a school search.
  2. You know how your child will get to school
    If not, see the school transport section.
  3. You’ve read the Your Guide to education for primary or secondary applications, which includes everything you need to know to apply for a school place and the priority criteria for how school places are allocated. Allocations are made using the admissions criteria and not the preference order. Choosing more than one school doesn't affect how your higher preference school(s) are considered. 
    You can view the catchment area map in the find a school search or on the school's website.
  4. You've read the Hints and Tips below.


Please contact the school direct if you would like to apply to for a place at one of the schools listed in Appendix 3 of the document below – online applications are not accepted for these schools:

Coordinated admission arrangements for mid-term transfers 2023-24 academic year  Opens new window

If you’re ready to apply...

Apply online for a school place

Please note: this is a new portal and you will need to register.

If you need help using the portal please view our: 

Guide to creating a portal account for parents  Opens new window

Guide for information on your application and using the Parent Portal  Opens new window

What happens next

  • We aim to process all mid-term applications within 20 school days, although at peak times it may take longer.
  • Please be aware if you have not applied by 16 June, it is very unlikely that you will get a new school place secured for the start of the autumn term, due to school closures over the summer.
  • If you are unsuccessful, you have a right to appeal against a school place. Your results letter will outline the process.

Hints and Tips for applying

Hints and tips to help you with your application:

  • If you’re applying for more than one child to change school, you need to complete a separate application for each child.
  • Use your right to apply for three schools, but make sure that one choice is always your catchment school (available on the school’s website).
  • Read each school’s admissions policy before making an application; available on either the School policies page or the school's website - check the Your Guide to education - list of schools for more information.
  • You should only include additional information if it is relevant to the school's admission criteria.
  • If more than one parent has legal responsibility for your child, both parents must be in agreement over the school(s) requested.
  • Check that you press the 'submit' button and receive an acknowledgement email. If not, try again or contact School Admissions.
  • Make a note of your username and password.

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