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Conservation and sustainability

Meadow flowers

Protecting the environment and enhancing communities.

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  • Tree for every person 

    Our vision is to help plant 700,000 trees across Leicestershire.

  • Net zero Leicestershire 

    Find out what we're doing to address climate change through becoming a net zero council by 2030 and working with Leicestershire people and organisations to become a net zero county by 2045.

  • Energy efficiency grants 

    Help available to make your home more energy efficient through upgrades to insulation, heating systems, controls and other home improvements.

  • Sign up for our Warm Homes Newsletter 

    Be notified of new and upcoming energy efficiency grants, support schemes and up to date advice supporting affordable warmth at home.

  • Solar Together Leicestershire 

    Solar Together Leicestershire makes buying solar panels and battery storage easy.

  • Report a problem with a tree 

    You can report a problem with a tree if it is causing an obstruction or danger to road users or pedestrians or is damaging property.

  • Apply for permission to work on a protected tree 

    Leicestershire residents, parish and district councils can apply to carry out work on trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order in their local area.

  • Apply for trees 

    Leicestershire County Council's tree schemes for farmers and landowners to plant trees, woodland and hedges in rural areas of the county. We offer a range of schemes to suit different requirements and work in partnership with the Woodland Trust to encourage the planting of new native trees and woodlands.

  • Environmental policies and reports 

    Find out more about our environmental strategies and read our performance reports

  • Biodiversity and action for nature 

    Biodiversity is the variety of living things on Earth, whether that’s plants, animals, fungi or other living organisms and the ecosystems they live in.


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