Change details or return a Blue Badge

Let us know any changes to your details or return your badge if you’re no longer use it.

Change your details

Please tell us about any changes to your name and / or address by completing the:

Update name or address details

If you move to a different local authority area, you’ll still be able to use your current badge.

Please tell us your new address using the form above.

When your badge needs to be renewed, you’ll need to apply to the local authority for the area you’ve moved to.

Return a badge

If you no longer use your badge, please post it back to us to stop it being used illegally.

Please return badges to us if:

  • it has expired
  • you’re no longer eligible for a badge
  • you’ve found the badge you thought was lost or stolen (please return the original)
  • it’s so damaged or faded you can’t read the details on it
  • you no longer need it
  • you’ve moved out of Leicestershire and have a badge from another council
  • the badge holder dies