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Online forms unavailable 7.30pm Friday 26 to 2pm Saturday 27 February due to scheduled IT maintenance. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Covid tiers latest

Leicestershire is now in national lockdown – here’s the latest information on our services. You can find more information about restrictions at

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Change details or return a Blue Badge

Please tell us of any changes to your details. You must also return your Blue Badge to us if you no longer use it.

Please tell us about any changes to your name or address using the short online form below:

Update name or address details

If you move to a different local authority area, please tell us your new address. You’ll still be able to use your current badge.

When it’s time to renew your badge, you must then apply to the local authority in the area where you’re now living.

If you no longer use your badge, please return it to us to stop it being used illegally.

Please return badges to us if:

  • it has expired
  • you’re no longer eligible for a badge
  • you’ve found the badge you thought was lost or stolen (please return the original)
  • it’s so damaged or faded you can’t read the details on it
  • you no longer need it
  • you’ve moved out of Leicestershire and have a badge from another council
  • the badge holder dies

If this does not answer your enquiry, please visit our contact us pages for further methods of getting in touch.

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