Renew your Blue Badge

You must re-apply for a new badge before your current one expires.

Residents of Leicester city should apply to Leicester City Council.


You must complete a new Blue Badge application if:

  • your current badge was issued by a different local authority and not Leicestershire County Council
  • the badge holder is under 16 years old
  • your circumstances have changed (whether that is an improvement or deterioration in your health)
  • your benefit type has changed since your current Blue Badge was issued e.g., if you were receiving DLA, but you are now receiving PIP

Do not use the badge if it has expired as you may be fined.

If you are renewing for an organisation Blue Badge, follow the Organisation renewal process.

Gather the information required

You will need the following when completing your application:

  • a recent passport style photo, taken in the last 4 weeks
  • payment details - a new badge costs £10. The process will ask for payment at the end so please have payment card details ready.

You may also need to provide: 

  • proof of name - proof of identity provides a list of acceptable documentation
  • proof of address - if you’ve changed your address or if the form can't validate your address - proof of identity provides a list of acceptable documentation
  • proof of benefit - you may be required to upload all or part of your benefit document

Applicants must have consent from any third parties (such as doctors) whose information is used to support an application, before it is submitted to us.

Take photos of / or scan your documents

  • You can scan the required images or documents, or take photos of them using a digital camera, tablet or smartphone.
  • Scans and photos should show the full page, including your name and address where relevant so we know that the document refers to you, and text must be clearly legible and not blurred.
  • If your document is double sided and both sides are relevant to your application, don’t forget to scan / photograph each side.

Documents that are not clear or are incomplete cannot be used and may delay the application process.

Submit a renewal application


The application process requires the badge holder (over 16 years old only) to be logged in with a Leicestershire County Council ‘Self’ account.

Family members or carers can assist the badge holder with their application.

If the badge holder already has a 'Self' account, they must log in to make an application.

Renew your Blue Badge

Please ensure your current address is on your account – you can check or update your address by clicking on ‘Welcome to Self!’ then select ‘My profile’.

If the badge holder doesn’t have an account, they must Create a Self account and then complete a renewal form using the link above.

Organisation renewal process

Organisations must complete a paper application.

Please download and complete the form, and return it to the address shown with photocopies of your documentation (please do not send originals).

Blue Badge Team
Customer Service Centre
County Hall

Please do not send the fee with your application - if your application is successful, we'll contact you to collect the fee.

What happens next

We aim to process applications within 20 working days. If it is decided that you should attend an independent assessment, the processing is likely to be longer.

Cancellations and changes

The council may cancel your application if you don’t respond within 20 working days to a request we make about your application, such as to supply further information, attend a mobility assessment, or pay the fee.

If your address or name changes, you must let us know.