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Amber weather warning

The Met Office has issued an amber weather warning for the East Midlands from Thursday to Monday.

Find out about staying safe in the hot weather.

How to use a Blue Badge

The Blue Badge is issued to you as an individual and you can display the badge on any vehicle

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Safe and responsible parking

Don’t park where it would obstruct or endanger pedestrians or other road users. You could be fined, receive a parking fine or have your vehicle removed.

The Blue Badge is issued to you as an individual, not a vehicle. You can display the badge on any vehicle (including taxis and hired cars) in which you are travelling as either a driver or a passenger.

The scheme only applies to on-street car parking and allows blue badge holders to park:

  • On single or double yellow lines for up to 3 hours as long as there are no loading restrictions
  • On-street disabled parking bays without charge and for as long as required (unless a time limit is shown)
  • On-street parking meters, pay and display, shared use bays without charge and for as long as required

You must display the Blue Badge in all instances and the parking clock if there are time restrictions.

The Blue Badge is for the use of the badge holder only. It is a crime for the badge holder or anyone else to misuse the badge and doing so could lead to a £1,000 fine and the badge being taken away

Blue badge holders cannot park:

  • where a loading restriction is in force
  • at special bays - eg doctor, police, diplomat, resident
  • on footways unless there is an exemption indicated by signs and white lines
  • on clearways (no stopping)
  • on bus stop clearways during hours of operation
  • on taxi ranks
  • on a pedestrian crossing or its extended zig-zag markings

This list is not exhaustive; please refer to the Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities in England

The scheme does not apply:

  • on private roads
  • in off-street car parks ie supermarkets, hospitals or local authority car parks - please check the conditions of use of the car park and any concessions as there may be a charge
  • in some town centres, where access is prohibited or limited to vehicles with special permits issued locally
  • on road systems at some airports

If you are unsure, please check in advance.

Using your Blue Badge abroad

You can also use your Blue Badge in the European Union, although the terms may vary between countries.  Please check the rules for the country you’re visiting.

You can’t use your Blue Badge outside the European Union, in countries such as the USA, Australia or Canada.

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