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Supported Lodgings Provider

At 16-21 years old, most young people are not ready to go out into the world alone, without any support. Could you welcome a young person into your home and support them on a positive journey into adulthood and independence?

Supported Lodgings Provider

Contract: Full-time

Pay/salary: £248.25 allowance per week, per young person whilst they stay with you

Home-based: Supported Lodgings Providers can be in employment

Supported Lodgings Providers offer a room in their home to a young person over 16 years old. They offer help and guidance with things like learning to cook and do their laundry, managing money and planning for their future.

This helps to prepare young people for adulthood and independence, by developing essential life skills. It often gives them an invaluable opportunity to gain confidence in an encouraging and safe and supportive environment too.

Georgia and her brother, Myles, have been living in nearby supported lodgings placements and both praise the stability and family environment that the scheme offers:

Virtual information events

To find out more about fostering in general or becoming a supported lodgings provider, why not come to our virtual information events. There is no pressure, you're not commiting to anything and you don't need to be certain at this point, just come along and hear from those who have already taken part about the huge impact it can have. More on our Fostering Facebook page.

Our next virtual events in 2022 are:

  • Tuesday 1 November
  • Wednesday 23 November
  • Thursday 15 December

I find being a Supported Lodgings Provider is soul rewarding. It helps makes a big difference to a young person and can be life changing for them, giving them the chance to choose their direction in life. 

The extra income is also a bonus and I have good support from the council, so I'm not alone. I've learnt so many new skills on courses and met new people to share experiences and advice with. 

If you've always wanted to foster but worried about the flexibility, Supported Lodgings is ideal because you can take a break and it's not such a long-term commitment.


What being a Supported Lodgings Provider involves

  • Offering support, guidance and a room in your home to a young person in care aged 16+
  • Providing support with tasks such as learning to cook a meal, helping to manage their finances, plan for the future or use public transport

What you'll need to be a Supported Lodgings Provider

  • Carers can be in employment but would need to be generally available to the young person
  • A spare bedroom for sole use of the young person
  • A general understanding of (and potentially experience of dealing with) some of the needs and issues facing many young people
  • Patience and a commitment to provide a supportive, encouraging and safe environment

What we offer our Supported Lodgings Providers

  • £248.25 allowance per week, per young person whilst they stay with you
  • Access to a wealth of training and qualifications
  • Ongoing, regular support from our team

We currently have two young people with us aged 17 and 19, who each have been with us for well over a year.

We learn every day from them and also about ourselves but I know it has brought my wife and I closer together as a couple.

People have so many concerns about caring for teenagers which I absolutely get but I would say – just give it a go!

There is lots of support available and so much need, as this is the time that young people are moving into independence only without the support and skills that many of our children take for granted.


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