Local offer for care leavers

Your money

You can get advice around managing your money from your personal advisor.

Here are some of the other ways that we can help:

  • Council tax: As a Leicestershire care leaver you don’t have to pay council tax if you still live in the county, up until your 25th birthday. This does not apply if you live in a different area.
  • Benefits: Your personal advisor can tell you about what benefits you’re entitled to claim and how to claim. We also have a Welfare Rights Advisor if you need more specialist advice.
  • Bursaries for university: If you are a care leaver studying at university, then you may be entitled to a bursary from the council of £4,000 per year. We may also be able to help you with accommodation over the summer holidays if you need it. Your personal advisor can help find out if there is additional support that you can access from your university.
  • Support for higher education courses: We may be able to help with costs for travel, books and course materials, as well as assess whether you need help with your living and childcare expenses while you study.
  • Weekly allowance: If you’re 16 or 17 and live in semi-independent or independent accommodation, then you will be entitled to a weekly allowance.
  • Learning to drive: If you’re learning to drive, then we can help pay for your license, test and half of the costs of your lessons. Please speak to your personal adviser for more information.
  • Celebrations: You may be entitled to money to help celebrate your birthdays and Christmas (or another religious festival if you prefer).