Local offer for care leavers

Your rights

As a Leicestershire care leaver, we will:

  • Assign a Personal Advisor to you, who can help prepare you to live independently. You will have an allocated personal advisor until you turn 21, or until 25 if you’re still in education or training.
    They will work with you to develop your pathway plan, which will specify:
    - who is going to help you
    - how they are going to help you and by when
  • Assess your needs from the age of 21 – 25 if you or a professional working with you feel that you still need support. If necessary, we will allocate a personal advisor to help you.
  • Make sure that you’re involved in decisions not only about your own life but also the service that we provide for our care leavers. We hold monthly Supporting Young People After Care (SYPAC) meetings where care leavers. You have the chance to spend time with each other care leavers and we consult with you on how we can develop our offer by asking you the areas and themes that are most important to you.
  • Encourage you to stay in care until you’re 18 and make sure that you’re fully aware of your entitlements if you choose to leave care before then.
  • Help you to ‘Stay Put’ with your foster carer until you’re 21, if this is what you and your foster carer wants.
  • Help you to move into safe and suitable accommodation.
  • Help you to get into education, training and jobs. We can offer financial support in some circumstances to help you to do this.