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Covid - latest information

Coronavirus restrictions remain in place across the country – here’s the latest information on our services.

You can find more information about current restrictions and what you can and can't do

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Book a waste site appointment

You'll need to book an appointment if you'd like to visit a site to dispose of household waste.

Waste sites - opening times and booking update

From 12 April 2021 (with the exception of Whetstone RHWS) our sites will be open until 6pm. The last available booking slot will be 5.30pm – 5.45pm.

Due to new variants being more transmissible please wear a face mask during your visit, if you can.

You must not book an appointment if you are showing symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

This service is for waste from Leicestershire residences only.

Use your normal kerbside recycling and waste collections when possible – to find out the times and dates of your collections visit your district council website.

Sites that have re-opened

We have re-opened all 14 of our recycling and household waste sites. 

You can book an appointment to visit any of our sites.

Opening times

  • Cars: opening days vary for each site and are detailed on the waste site pages. 4x4s are considered cars as long as all seats are present and forward facing. A 4x4 that has been adapted for the carriage of goods will be considered a van.
  • Vans and cars with trailers: can only book on mornings, on limited days, at all open sites (except Somerby). Saturday mornings are available at some sites. Vans include camper vans / motorhomes, minibuses, pick-up trucks and any vehicles constructed, intended or adapted for the carriage of goods up to 3.5t.
  • Pedestrian access is not permitted at any site

Accepted waste

Waste types will be restricted until further notice. The type of waste we can currently accept are detailed on the waste site pages of the site you want to visit.

Book an appointment

You must book an appointment if you need to visit a site. Please do not turn up without an appointment as you will be turned away.

The online booking form requires you to log in with a Leicestershire County Council ‘Self’ account.

  • If you don't have a Self account, sign up for a Self account first. New sign-ups will receive a verification email (check spam / junk folders) - click the link in the email to verify your account. You'll then be directed to a profile form to add your name and address.
  • If you already have a Self account, please ensure it has your current address. To update the address, log in and click ‘Welcome to Self!’ then select ‘My profile’.

It's currently very busy so you may need to book further ahead than usual - if a particular day isn't available, it's full.

Book a waste site appointment  Log in to your Self account

If you don’t have an email address and would like to book an appointment, please contact our Customer Service Centre - details on Contact our waste team.

Call waiting times might be longer than usual as we deal with a higher number of calls during this time.

Booking online (as detailed above) is quicker and easier. You will not receive a priority booking if you call, appointments are offered on a first come, first serve basis no matter whether you call or book online.

Your appointment

If you have, or suspect you may have any Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, do not attend.

  • Please turn up on time for your appointment.
  • Bring your confirmation email with you – you can show this on your device or as a print out through your vehicle window.
  • Please wear a face covering during your visit, if you can.
  • You need to be able to safely lift your items from your vehicle to the relevant container on the site. You can:
    - bring another adult member of your household with you to help;
    - have another adult accompany you in a separate vehicle, who will be allowed onto the site at the same time, to help you.
    A maximum of 2 adults will be allowed out of the vehicle(s). If you can't do either of these and need further guidance, please contact our Customer Service Waste Team.
  • Please respect each other and site staff during this difficult period. The decision of site staff is final.
  • If you are unable to attend please cancel or rearrange your appointment as you can only book three appointments in a 2-week period and it may also prevent someone else from booking on their preferred day.
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