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Interfaith Forum for Leicestershire

The Forum brings together representatives from Faith communities (along with other interested individuals and professionals) from across the County and provides space for open and honest discussion and debate about a wide range of issues affecting the different faith communities in Leicestershire.

At the first meeting, each of the different faith representatives present signed up to a pledge of support for the Forum and its agreed aims of:

  1. Providing support for faith communities to build up their social capital.
  2. Encouraging faith communities to develop in ways which they are at ease with themselves and others.
  3. Opposing all forms of faith discrimination and religious hatred.
  4. Encouraging the building of social cohesion between faith communities.
  5. Providing a focus for dialogue and the development of mutual understanding across Leicestershire.
  6. Encouraging good quality relationships with the wider Leicestershire community.
  7. Providing a place where differences can be openly discussed.
  8. Building links with public bodies across the county including, but not limited to the local authorities, Police and the Primary Care and other NHS Trusts.
  9. Advocating on behalf of faith groups to M.P.s, councillors and other public figures.
  10. Providing a place where policy makers can consult with faith communities.
  11. In times of crisis, providing a voice for faith communities across the county.

The next meeting is not currently scheduled, but for more information please email


We have a duty to organise a SACRE (standing advisory council for religious education). The SACRE produces the agreed Syllabus for Leicestershire.

Agreed Syllabus for Leicestershire   Opens new window

More information is available on our SACRE pages

Multicultural, RE and curriculum resource centre

The Multicultural, RE and curriculum resource centre based at County Hall is part of Library Services for Education and holds a large amount of books, teaching resources and artefact boxes to support the teaching of RE, PSHE, Citizenship and anti-racism in County schools.

To borrow resources from the centre please call or email to book an appointment.

Telephone: 0116 305 3800

Interfaith and International Calendar

Diversity calendar 2017    Opens new window

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