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Help in your own home

Image of older lady getting help in her home

Get help with looking after yourself, meals, moving around and staying safe in your own home

  • Coming out of hospital 

    When you come out of hospital, you may be able to get help at home to do things for yourself again. Hospital staff will decide if you need help and what you need.

  • Get help to stay independent 

    Practical information to help you stay in your own home.

  • Equipment, home adaptations and assistive technology 

    Find out about the equipment and changes available to help you in your home.

  • Get help at home 

    You may be able to get help in your own home if you have a disability or illness or because you’re unable to do some things for yourself any more.

  • Paying for help at home 

    You'll get a personal budget to pay for help at home. You may have to pay something towards it. We will do a financial assessment to work out how much you have to pay.

  • Preventing falls 

    Falls can have a serious effect on your health and wellbeing, here are some top tips to help prevent falls.

  • Lifelines, telecare and alarms 

    Alarms for falls - also known as ‘community alarms’ or ‘lifeline service’ - can help you if you’re assessed as having a high risk of falls.

  • Meals on wheels 

    If you can’t cook for yourself, you can get hot and frozen meals delivered to you at home.

  • Lunch clubs 

    Lunch clubs are run by voluntary and community groups. They provide hot meals and a chance to meet other people. Some also run activities.

  • Restart help at home 

    If you’ve had help at home from us before, you may be able to get it again but you’ll need to get a new assessment.

  • Care Act and what has changed 

    The way that you get some services from us may have changed. You may not see any difference to your care because we are already doing many of the things the new Care Act says we must.


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