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The Future of Social Care

The Government’s White Paper sets out a 10-year vision of how it proposes to transform support and care in England.


Following the Autumn Statement we are reviewing the proposed changes, and delay to the introduction of the Care Cap, and will be updating this page in due course.

The vision in the “People at the Heart of Care” White Paper revolves around three objectives:

  • People have choice, control, and support to live independent lives
  • People can access outstanding quality and tailored care and support
  • People can find social care fair and accessible

Broadly speaking, the government proposals can be summarised as follows:

Charging reform

  • Introduction of a cap on personal care costs – This change would begin in October 2023. Any care costs incurred before this time will not be counted towards the cap.
  • Provide financial assistance to those without substantial assets
  • Ensure that self-funders can ask their Local Authority to arrange their care for them

Social care system reform, particularly

  • The social care workforce;
  • Accommodation
  • Technology and digital
  • Carer Support
  • Care navigation and prevention

Health and Care Act

  • Improve the integration of health and social care systems
  • Introduce Assurance of Adult Social Care

Integration White Paper

  • Strengthen the health and care services in places that feel familiar to the people living in them​
  • Expectation for a single person to be accountable at place level, across health and social care​

The programme of work is complex and challenging, within tight timescales set out by central government.

We will continue to update residents and stakeholders on the progress of this programme of work via our website, social media, Leicestershire Matters, direct contact with people who access our services, and via our Cabinet and Scrutiny meetings.

If you need care and support from us now and you’ve not had an assessment from us previously, the easiest and quickest way to find out whether you might be eligible is to complete our online needs assessment form at Adult Social Care online:

Complete online needs assessment form

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