Smart Library induction

To use a Smart Library during smart hours you must complete an induction.

To register as a Smart Library user you must be:

  • aged 16 or over
  • a Leicestershire libraries member

Induction process

In order to access Smart Libraries you must first complete the online Smart Library induction. The information below will be contained in your induction, but is available for you read at any point:

If you prefer to attend a face-to-face Smart Library induction contact your local Smart Library to book your place.

1: Induction video

Please watch this induction video all the way through.

2: Floor plans and library details

There are 14 Smart Libraries in Leicestershire. Please take time to familiarise yourself with the opening hours, smart opening hours and floor plans of the libraries you’ll be visiting.

3: Smart Library access

Smart library members can access any Leicestershire Smart Library.


During Smart Library hours you’ll be able to:

  • borrow, return and renew library items and pay charges using the self-service kiosks
  • collect reserved items and borrow them using the self-service kiosks
  • use the public PCs and free library Wi-Fi, print and use the photocopier to scan and copy documents
  • browse the library catalogue, renew titles and place reservations online using the public PCs

It will not be possible to:

  • make general enquiries
  • make changes to your membership
  • use the toilets unless you have a radar key
  • access the meeting rooms unless you have pre-booked
  • access some library resources such as DVDs and local studies reference materials


CCTV cameras are in constant operation during Smart opening hours. This enables the premises to be remotely monitored to alert staff of any issues. The purpose of obtaining CCTV footage is to record activities within the library, to prevent and detect crime and to ensure the safety of users in the library. You can read more about the CCTV systems used by the council and the fair processing notice.

Before using a Smart Library, it is recommended, that you visit during staffed hours and speak to a member of staff about the emergency evacuation procedures specific to that site.

Barred library members and library members who have received a final warning are not able to access Smart Libraries.

Induction complete

Your smart access to libraries is linked to your library card. On expiry of your library card, you will need to visit your local library to renew. You will also then be required to complete a new Smart Library Induction form before access is restored. This is to ensure you are up to date on any changes within our libraries.

Further reading

Smart Libraries CCTV Fair Processing Notice