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Apply for or renew a Blue Badge

An application for a Blue Badge is free of charge. Successful applications require a payment of £10 to issue the Blue Badge.


Please be aware of websites operated by private companies or individuals offering assistance with the Blue Badge application process. These sites may charge a substantial fee for their services.


The Department for Transport (DfT) updated the Blue Badge scheme criteria on 30 August 2019 so that some people with non-visible (hidden) disabilities, including autism, dementia and mental health conditions, will be eligible for a Blue Badge.

  • The new criteria are in addition to the current criteria. If you already meet (and will continue to meet) the previous criteria, you will continue to be eligible.
  • If you believe you may be eligible under the new scheme, please read the new criteria very carefully as not all hidden disabilities will mean eligibility for a Blue Badge.
  • Applications made before 30 August 2019 will be assessed against the previous criteria.

Before you apply for a Blue Badge

Please check Who can get a Blue Badge (eligibility criteria) before applying.

Due to the introduction of new Blue Badge criteria from 30 August 2019, there may be a peak in applications submitted during Autumn 2019. During this time there may be some delays in assessing new applications and processing renewals – please allow up to 8 weeks to process your application.

Applicants who may currently apply by post only:

  • You are in receipt of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) with 10 points only for the Planning and Following Journeys activity, and only where the descriptor states that you “cannot undertake any journey because it would cause overwhelming psychological distress to you”;
  • You have an enduring and substantial disability which means you experience very considerable difficulty whilst walking, which may include very considerable psychological distress, or
  • You are at risk of serious harm when walking, or pose, when walking, a risk of serious harm to another person;
  • You have both physical and non-visible (hidden) disabilities or conditions.

Applicants who may apply online or apply by post:

  • You meet any of the other “Eligible without further assessment” criteria listed on Who can get a Blue Badge;
  • You drive a vehicle regularly, have a severe disability in both arms and are unable to operate, or have considerable difficulty in operating, all or some types of parking meter;
  • You are applying for a child under three who must always be accompanied by bulky medical equipment which cannot be carried around with the child without great difficulty or must always be kept near to a vehicle so that treatment for that condition can be given in the vehicle if necessary, or the child can be taken quickly in the vehicle to a place where such treatment can be given;
  • You are unable or virtually unable to walk due to an enduring and substantial physical condition, for example severe arthritis, COPD or one that causes severe breathlessness, significant pain or causes you to walk very slowly.

What you will need

You can apply for a Blue Badge on behalf of someone else if they are not able to complete the form themselves.

If you are applying online – please ensure you have a digital file (a scan, document or photo) of the following information to upload during the online application process.

If you are applying by post – you will need photocopies instead:

  • proof of address (dated within the last 12 months)
  • proof of identity - such as your birth/adoption certificate, marriage/divorce certificate, civil partnership/dissolution certificate, valid driving licence, certificate of British nationality
  • a recent, colour, passport style photo 
  • proof of benefit - dated within the last 12 months (if applicable)

You may also need to provide the following, depending on your application route or your disability or condition:

  • information about any medication you are currently taking (including dose)
  • information about any treatments or surgery you have had that relate to your condition (including dates, if possible)
  • official diagnosis letters
  • any other relevant information or reports that are relevant to your application that demonstrate, or help to demonstrate, your eligibility.

Applicants must have consent from any third parties (such as doctors) whose information is used to support the application, before it is submitted to us.

Apply for a Blue Badge online

For people who may be eligible under the new criteria the online application process is currently unavailable while development continues - please check this page for updates. Those eligible under the previous walking criteria can still apply online.

Applying online is quicker as you do not need wait for the form to get to us in the post. You can upload digital scans or photos of your supporting documents to go with your application, so you don’t need to get photocopies done. 

  • The online application process requires the intended badge holder to be logged in with a Leicestershire County Council ‘Self’ account (NOT the person applying on their behalf). Carers or family members may of course still assist the badge holder with their application.
  • Please see the list of documents above which may need to be uploaded as part of the online application.
  • A payment of £10 is required to issue a Blue Badge to successful applicants. The application process itself is free.

Preparing documents for upload

  • Documents for uploading must be any type of visual electronic file, such as scanned images or documents, or photos taken on a digital camera, tablet or smartphone.
  • Scans and photos should show the full page, including your name and address where relevant so we know that the document refers to you, and text must be clearly legible and not blurred.

Applicants must have consent from any third parties (such as doctors) whose information is used to support the application, before it is submitted to us.

Documents that are not clear or are incomplete cannot be used and may delay the application process. If you are unable to upload documents, you can apply by post.

Create a 'Self' account

The online application process requires the intended badge holder (NOT the person applying on their behalf) to create a Leicestershire County Council 'Self' user account, if they don’t already have one.

  • It allows us to process applications quicker, and allows applicants to track progress
  • We don't need any personal information beyond what is asked in the application
  • Family members and carers can still assist the applicant with the online process
  • New 'Self' account sign-ups will receive a verification email (check spam/junk folders) – click the link in the email to verify your account. You'll then be directed to a profile form to add your name and address.

Click 'Apply online' below then click 'Sign up now', or log in if you already have a user account.

Apply online

Applying for a Blue Badge by post

We recommend applying online. If you are unable to apply online you can complete a paper application by downloading the form below and returning it to the address shown with photocopies of your documentation.

Blue Badge Team
Customer Service Centre
County Hall

The revised forms from 30 August 2019 are:

Blue Badge application form for individuals   Opens new windowOpens new window

Guidance notes for individuals  Opens new window

Blue Badge application form for organisations   Opens new window

Guidance notes for organisations  Opens new window

Please do not send the fee with your application. If your application is successful we will contact you to collect the fee.

Applying for a Blue Badge by phone

If you, or the person applying on your behalf is not able to use the online system or complete a paper application form, we may be able help you apply over the phone. Please call 0116 305 0001 to book a telephone appointment.

What happens next

  • Your application will be assessed according to the information provided on the application form and any additional documents provided.
  • You may be invited to attend a face-to-face assessment with one of our trained expert assessors.
  • You will then receive a notification of our decision and what you need to do next.

Paying for a Blue Badge

If your application has been successful we will contact you to request payment. If we have emailed you, you can pay for your Blue Badge online. Please have your application reference number ready.

Renewing your Blue Badge

There is no automatic renewal of a badge even for those with permanent disabilities or conditions that have not changed - all badge holders must reapply for their badge before the old badge expires. This is because badges can legally only last for 3 years, a new photograph is needed and another payment must be made.

  • When reapplying please ensure you apply at least 6 weeks before your old badge expires
  • Supplying all documents at the time of application will enable the application to be assessed as quickly as possible

Do not use the badge if it has expired as you may be fined.

Reapply online

We will send you a reminder letter/email approximately 6 weeks before your badge is due to expire but it is still the responsibility of the badge holder to re-apply in good time before their current badge expires, even if they don’t receive a reminder.

We aim to process your application in 28 days. If we decide you should attend an independent assessment, the processing time is likely to be longer.

Renew online

If you are unable to reapply online, please download and complete the paper application form in the 'Apply by post' section above. Send your completed and signed documentation to:

Blue Badge Team
Customer Service Centre
County Hall

Please do not send the fee with your application. If your application is successful we will contact you to collect the fee.


The Council may cancel your application if you don’t respond within one month to a request we make in connection with your application e.g. to supply further information, attend an independent assessment, or pay the fee.

If your address or name changes you must let us know

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