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Order a compost bin

Composting at home reduces waste and can help to improve the quality of the soil in your garden.

Get cut-price compost bins for your home

You can buy discounted compost bins from get composting
Telephone orders: 0844 571 4444

Compost bin sizes and prices:

  • 220 litre bins cost from £12
  • 330 litre bins cost from £13
  • Compost bins in green are available for an extra £2 per unit – see for details
  • Delivery charge of £6.99 per order
  • Buy one, get another half price for two bins of the same size and colour

Bags of compost

  • Bags of compost (40lt) are sold at £3.25 each (including VAT) at all of our Recycling and Household Waste Sites (RHWS)
  • Payment is strictly by card only
  • Staff assistance is not provided for loading
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