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Information for carers

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Find advice, practical and financial help if you're a carer

  • Find someone to talk to  

    Local support groups are available for people in all sorts of situations and usually hold regular meetings where people can share their worries and experiences to help each other get back on track.

  • Planning for emergencies if you're a carer 

    You can make sure the person you care for will receive help and support if you have an emergency.

  • Carers assessment 

    You may be able to get help if caring for an adult is having a big impact on your health, day-to-day life or a particular area of your life

  • Looking after yourself if you're a carer 

    What you can do to look after yourself if you're caring for someone else

  • Help for young carers 

    If you're 19 and under and you look after someone at home, you can get help with care and your school work

  • Care Act and what has changed 

    The way that you get some services from us may have changed. You may not see any difference to your care because we are already doing many of the things the new Care Act says we must.


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