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Rugby Road and Hinckley town centre improvement scheme

The scheme will see improvements to several key routes and junctions along the Rugby Road corridor. It also includes a range of highway improvements to cycling and pedestrian routes, parking facilities and signage throughout Hinckley.

Our proposals include plans to improve the B590 Rugby Road Corridor, including upgrades to both the Hawley Road and Brookside junctions.

Improvements will also be made to pedestrian, cycling and residents parking facilities with various schemes around the Granville Road, Spa Lane/London Road and Coventry Road areas.

A wider review of the town’s signage and parking has been conducted. Proposals for town centre parking, residents parking and upgrade to traffic signs are being presented as a part of the overall scheme.

The scheme involves: 

  • improvements to B590 Rugby Road junction with Hawley Road and Westfield Road
  • improvements to B950 Rugby Road junction with Brookside
  • closing the junction of Granville Road with Coventry Road
  • improving cycling facilities on Rugby Road, Granville Road, and Coventry Road
  • improving safety for pedestrians at the junction of Spa Lane and London Road
  • reviewing residents and town centre parking
  • updating direction and cycle signs in Hinckley.

The improvements aim to maximise Hinckley’s economic potential by:

  • reducing congestion and improving air quality
  • improving accessibility and resilience of key routes 
  • providing new traffic signal controls and signage
  • improve pedestrian and cycling routes.

Latest update

The county council, in conjunction with Eurovia, is now in a position to start work next week on conducting advance survey works on both the Hawley Road/Rugby Road/Westfield Road and the Brookside/Rugby Road junctions.

The work on the Hawley Road/Rugby Road/Westfield Road junction will start on Monday, 13 January, with the Brookside/Rugby Road junction works commencing Monday, 20 January. The advance works will take roughly a week to complete.

The majority of the works will take place during the hours of 8pm - 6am to minimise disruption to road users. There will be temporary, four-way traffic lights installed at the respective junction which is being worked on during these times.

The proposed works include taking core samples, ground-penetrating radar surveys, drainage investigations and topographical surveys. It will help us to better understand the road surface and enables us to advance the detailed designs for proposed highways improvements.

The junctions will be restored to the existing conditions once these advance surveys are completed. 

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact the team at

Map showing improvement scheme for HinckleyView PDF version of of the above scheme map  Opens new window

The scheme will cost £5m and is being funded with £3.5m from the Government’s National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF). The remaining £1.5m will be provided by Leicestershire County Council and third party contributions.

Supporting documents

View plans for each of the proposed locations below

Rugby Road – Hawley Road  Opens new window

Upgrading traffic signals and creating an additional left turn filter lane on Hawley Road and a new right turn filter lane on Westfield Road. 

Proposal to introduce a left-turn ban from Westfield Road. 

Remove a single tree from Westfield Road as part of road widening.

Rugby Road - Brookside  Opens new window

The southbound left turn on Rugby Road will become an ahead and left turn lane. 

Proposal to create a new lane at the exit of the junction on Rugby Road which merges back into a single lane.

Create additional pedestrian crossing points.

Highway improvements

Granville Road  Opens new window

Closing the junction of Granville Road with Coventry Road and introducing a turning point to prevent Granville Road from being used as a through road. 

Introduce further safety measures for cyclists and pedestrians.

Shared footway and cycleway improvements

Spa Lane/London Road  Opens new window

Provide a north/south footway link with crossing points.  

Introduce traffic calmimg measures on London Road.

Rugby Road, Granville Road and Coventry Road shared footway and cycleway  Opens new windowOpens new window

Proposal to widen the footway at certain points, in order to create a shared footway cycleway which links Rugby Road, Coventry Road and Granville Road.

Add a pedestrian island outside the entrance of the new development on Coventry Road.

Parking review

Residents parking  Opens new window

Create more on street parking spaces for residents on Hill Street, Orchard Street, Mount Road (partial), The Lawns and Queen’s Road. 

Town centre parking  Opens new window

Increase on-street parking and where appropriate introduce road safety features for pedestrians and cyclists.  

Direction and cycling signage improvements

Direction signage overview map 

Remove and replace outdated road and traffic signs. 

Cycle route and signage  Opens new window

Opens new windowCreation of new cycling networks connecting Hinckley, Barwell and Earl Shilton. Each route will be designated by route number, colour and clearly sign posted.

Further information

Rugby Road and Hinckley town centre improvement scheme FAQs  Opens new window

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