Definitive Map modification orders

The Definitive Map is the legal record of public rights of way in Leicestershire.

It is the duty of the County Council to make sure the Definitive Map reflects reality by modifying it to remove differences between the rights that exist and those that are recorded.

The Definitive Map modification order register lists all outstanding claims to alter the Definitive Map.

Claims could include changes like an unrecorded path being added to the map, or a change to an existing route.

The register shows the current status of an application. Completed cases will be retained on the register for a short amount of time for information purposes. They will then be removed as any resulting changes will have been made to the Definitive Map.

Current applications

The applications are listed below sorted by district.

Each application number is listed as ‘Mxxx’.

Where applicable, the order reference is noted in brackets e.g. (COMHS/xxx).

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